2014 Mr.Olympia Predictions
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    2014 Mr.Olympia Predictions

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    2014 Mr.Olympia Predictions

    Let’s face it, over the last few decades, bodybuilding has become more and more popular as it has been brought into the public’s eye a great deal more than past years. Many believe that it was the hit “documentary” Pumping Iron, released in the 70’s, starring a little known man called Arnold Schwarzenegger, that started the bodybuilding craze, and whether or not you believe that or not, you simply cannot deny the fact that bodybuilding is now big business. In the 80’s and early 90’s the world went muscle mad, as action movie flicks were being pumped out left right and center, starring huge names with even huger muscles. Movie stars such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, who also won the Mr. Olympia competition six separate times, Sylvester Stallone, Jean Claude Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren, Chuck Norris, and many more were raking in big bucks at the box offices, and in turn were helping to bring bodybuilding more mainstream. Before the world knew about bodybuilding however, the late, great, Joe Weider knew everything there was to know about bodybuilding, and was an enormous fan of the sport. In 1965 Joe staged the very first Olympia, with Larry Scott winning the contest the first two straight years. Each year the contest grew in popularity and size, and began making companies a great deal of money in the process.

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    Fast forward to the present day, September 2014, and we’re a matter of days away from the 2014 Mr.Olympia contest, to be staged in Las Vegas, Nevada. Many true fans of bodybuilding, particularly the Mr Olympia contest, believe this year’s contest is going to be the closest and most competitive yet, with a number of pros in with a real shot of winning the title, possibly even causing an upset. This isn’t simply to create hype either, as some boxing promoters tend to do, this is genuinely going to go down to the wire and is anybody’s for the taking. In the past, the Mr O, wasn’t boring, but it wasn’t as competitive as these days, particularly in the 2000’s. Everybody knew the outcome of those contests before they’d even been staged. That’s nothing to do with the promoting, or the hype, or the organizers, that was simply down to the fact that Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler were so far ahead of the competition. The only real saving grace about that friendly rivalry, was that everybody tuned in to see whether Jay would ever be able to beat Ronnie. In the fan’s minds, the top 2 were Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler, with nobody else getting a look in. Ronnie won on straight consecutive years until Jay was finally able to beat him, ushering in a new era for bodybuilding. These days, although Phil Heath, the current title holder, looks very impressive, there are several competitors that look equally as impressive, which is why this year is going to be the closest yet. Here’s a look at our predictions for the top 4 places in the 2014 Mr Olympia. So, starting with our pick for the number 1 spot:

    Phil “The Gift” HeathAlthough we’ve said that we believe it will be the closest competition yet, we still believe that Phil Heath will prevail and retain his title for a fourth consecutive year. The Gift, believe it or not, has not actually been into pro bodybuilding all that long. At 34 years of age, he has only been bodybuilding for around twelve years, as before he took up this fantastic sport, he played semi-pro basketball at the University of Denver, for the Pioneers. Until recently Phil never revealed why he left basketball to take up bodybuilding, although he recently admitted in the hit movie that was being dubbed as an unofficial sequel to Pumping Iron, ‘Generation Iron’, that the reason he quit was because he simply wasn’t good enough. In late 2002, Heath began weight training more seriously, and entered his first contest one year later, one which he won. The reason we’re picking Phil for the number one spot is simply because as his nickname alludes to, “the gift” has been gifted with fantastic genetics that seem to allow him to pack more and more size onto his massive frame and make constant improvements every single year. Competing at around 250 pounds, the gift has fantastic muscle bellies and insertions, and his conditioning seems to be consistently impressive all year round, even in the off season. He’ll also be looking to improve sales of his recently released “Gifted Nutrition” supplement chain, and winning the Mr O for the first time as being a free agent not signed with Muscle Tech, would certainly help to drive sales of his product.

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    Kai GreeneKai and Phil have a sort of Arnold and Lou rivalry going on, or perhaps even a Ronnie and Jay rivalry, except Kai genuinely is not too fond of Phil. Hate is too strong of a word, so perhaps dislike is a better term but let’s just say they won’t be exchanging Christmas cards this year. Kai is known for being deeply philosophical, and plays the underdog role down to a tee. He had a troubled childhood, was in and out of foster care, as well as juvenile detention, until bodybuilding set him down the right path to redemption and success. He’s won numerous contests and has consistently placed incredibly well at the Olympia, and some believe this could even be his year. We personally however, do not. His waist is far too wide and Phil just continues to make crazy progress. Kai will almost certainly scoop second place again this year, but we feel his best years are behind him and for that reason, we don’t ever see a Mr Olympia title in Kai Greene’s future. Kai is massive, has so far nailed his conditioning every single Olympia, but his naturally wide waist always seem to let him down.

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    Big RamyWe’re taking a gamble here as Dennis Wolfe has also looked very impressive over the last twelve months, but we feel like Big Ramy has what it takes to cause an upset and take third place at this year’s contest, something that is almost unheard of for somebody who is only competing in his fourth ever bodybuilding contest. He’s dominated at the Arnold and the New York pro’s in the past and placed 8th last year at the Olympia in his debut! The forums and the online bodybuilding community are going crazy over Big Ramy, whose real name is Mamdouh Elssbiay, and for good reason too. This huge Egyptian bodybuilder, who happens to be a protégé of retired IFBB pro Dennis James, literally came out of nowhere and dominated the scene. Granted he hasn’t competed numerous times so perhaps it’s a little unfair to call him dominant but his physique speaks for itself. He gets close to 320lbs in the off-season, with abs! That’s almost unheard of. He’s being billed as the first “aesthetic mass monster” to step on stage because he has the freaky size and amazing conditioning that goes with it. Little has been seen of Ramy over the last few months, with a few quick snaps and magazine appearances but that’s about it. For all we know he could be out of shape and not on point at all, but from going from past appearances, we very much doubt it. If Ramy does indeed take third this year, don’t be surprised to see him win the Mr Olympia over the next 2 years. From a marketing standpoint, a rivalry between Phil Heath and Big Ramy would be fantastic, but only time will tell. No matter what however, keep a look out for Big Ramy, because if he can stay injury free, there are big things in this former fisherman’s future.

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    Dennis WolfThe Big Bad Wolf actually came extremely close to winning the Mr Olympia a few years ago, placing fourth, although many believed he was better than Jay Cutler, who placed second that year (2008) behind Dexter Jackson. People believed he had been robbed but message boards, magazines, and forums were tipping Dennis to place first or second the following year. That didn’t happen however as Dennis looked pretty awful and actually placed 16th. He recovered however and has not placed outside of the top 6 ever since. Last year he looked great and got a well-deserved third place finish. We took a gamble on Big Ramy so the battle for third place will be between them we believe, although if Dennis can achieve the same sort of condition as last year, with a few extra added pounds of muscle mass packed on in the off-season, who knows? His BSN sponsorship certainly doesn’t seem to have done him any harm as this German bodybuilder now resides in a stunning home in Las Vegas Nevada. Whether this was a strategic decision, or just simply because he likes Vegas we’re not sure, although Dennis does hope to mimic his idol, Schwarzenegger, and break through into movies in the near future, so perhaps moving to the US on a full-time basis was to lay the foundations for a possible venture into Hollywood in the future. For now however, the big bad wolf has his eyes fixed firmly on bodybuilding and continuing his partnership with BSN.

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    Who do you think will win the 50th anniversary 2014 Mr. Olympia? It is shaping up to be one the best Mr. O's ever! Who ever wins will go down in history for winning the 50th anniversary Mr. O!

    #2014 Mr.Olympia

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    Re: 2014 Mr.Olympia Predictions

    Phil Heath for his 4th title imo.

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    Re: 2014 Mr.Olympia Predictions

    Quote Originally Posted by tkd View Post
    phil heath for his 4th title imo.



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