Carb backloading
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    Carb backloading

    Hello Mecca, it's been a long time since I've posted here!

    I just came across the method of carb backloading and it seems very interesting.

    Everyone bashing this method on seems to be under the impression of eating just junk food post workout, which is 100% false.

    What I wanted to know, can anyone tell me how I would incorporate the back loading if I work out at 12 pm?

    Sometimes I workout at 6 pm, sometimes at 8pm. I really have no control over my gym schedule because of my work schedule. I work swing shifts and I time my gym based on that.

    I know the basic idea is, follow the diet protocol up until 5 pm and hit the gym, and then carb until bed time. But how do you follow this method if you workout at 12 pm and then go to work and until 1 am??

    - - - Updated - - -

    For those not sure of the method, here is a summary:

    For the sake of not losing you along the way, I have massively condensed the ENTIRE nutritional protocol below telling you exactly what you need to do for this to work. However, I have left out alot of the "why", so if your interested in the science behind it, I suggest you read the original articles by kiefer posted at the bottom of the page.
    Anyway, there are three simple steps to this Nutritional plan:
    1 skip Breakfast
    2 Backload Calories
    3 Backload Carbs
    • When you wake up, you will skip your breakfast and instead have some coffee (decaff or regular, pick your poison) with a handful of nuts and about 20 grams of a slower digesting protein shake. The coffee speeds up fat loss, the protein provides a steady stream of amino acids to prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue and the small amount of fat provides some steady energy. Your first real meal will occur about noon.
    • The first portion of your day is the "cutting" phase while all of the time from post workout to bed time is your "bulking" phase. Think of your day as a coin: there are two different sides to it, one being before you workout and the other being after you workout. To achieve this, the first portion of your day (from your first meal until after your workout) will consist of all of your calories coming from Fats, proteins, and green vegetables. During this time minimize fruit and carbohydrate intake (>25 grams), and if possible, eliminate them until post workout. Do not count green vegetables into your carb allowance.
    • DURING your workout sip on some EAA's in order to prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue for fuel since you are going into the workout in a carb depleted state. This will also aid in a quick recovery and reduced soreness
    • Workout at 3:00 or later. The later on in the day, the less receptive fat cells and muscle cells are to storing food and glucose for muscle or fat. HOWEVER, through resistance training, muscle cells are made EXTREEEEMEELY receptive to storing nearly anything eaten as muscle glycogen (sugar stored in muscles for energy) while fat receptors stay very unresponsive from the training and because it is later in the day.
    • Post workout, drink some more EAA's and BCAA's along with about 25-30 grams of dextrose and 5 grams of creatine to kickstart protein synthesis, rebuild muscle tissue, restore depleted glycogen, and most importantly spike your insulin. DO NOT EAT REAL FOOD AT THIS TIME! DONT DO IT.
    • About an hour after your post workout drink, consume a meal high in protein and carbohydrates. Preferably these carbs are quicker digesting in nature such as White breads, pastries, white rice etc. and contain little to NO fat.
    • From the first meal an hour after you workout until bed time, continue to consume meals that combine lean protein and carbohydrates until you go to bed. If you are putting on size or simply trying to just maintain bodyfat levels, dont be afraid to eat junk such as a donut, cinnamon roll, cerial etc. just dont go overboard.
    • Get 8+ hours of sleep a it...
    • Supplement with fish oil, green tea, creatine, and drink at least a gallon of water a day
    • Here is a sample meal plan for a person looking to gain mass and drop bodyfat as created by John Kiefer.

    Breakfast 9am: Skip. [Coffee, handful of nuts, 0 carb 0 sugar protein shake]

    Meal 1, noon: Chicken, ham, cheese, tomatoes

    Meal 2, 2pm: beef, broccoli with butter, almonds

    Meal 3, 3pm: low-fat cottage cheese, almond butter, protein shake


    Meal 4, 5pm: Post workout shake containing roughly 30 grams of protein and 40 grams of dextrose

    Meal 5: 6pm: chicken, green beans, white rice, white bread

    Meal 6: 9pm: shit load of non-wheat, low-fat carbs (sweet rice cakes, my personal recipe for non-fat mashed potatoes), protein shake

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    Re: Carb backloading

    Welcome back!



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