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by Andrew Michalak It was the „ladies day” in Madrid: 10 women’s categories and only 6 men’s categories. Sometimes, difficult decision for fans – to go to the upper floor and watch Bikini Fitness classes or to stay on the ground level and see Bodyfitness categories? Beautiful bodies here and there. But this is “Arnold [...]
by Andrew Michalak
It was the „ladies day” in Madrid: 10 women’s categories and only 6 men’s categories. Sometimes, difficult decision for fans – to go to the upper floor and watch Bikini Fitness classes or to stay on the ground level and see Bodyfitness categories? Beautiful bodies here and there. But this is “Arnold Classic” – packed with the extremely exciting events, dynamic and quickly passing. ******
Men’s Bodybuilding
Saturday started with the heaviest Men’s Bodybuilding categories and big sensation in 95 kg class: Morteza Oveisi Pakniyat (Ireland) outscored other bodybuilders and took the top trophy. He is not a new face on bodybuilding scene, beginning his international career in 2007 at the IFBB World Championships. Then few years in other organizations and returned to the IFBB last year in Madrid, finishing out of the top 6 in 90 kg class (only top six were scored). Originally from Iran, represented France in 2014 and now moved to Ireland. He won all three rounds, leaving behind Harald Schober, what is the next sensation, as Harald was the runner-up at the 2014 World Classic Bodybuilding Championships and now took the same position in extreme bodybuilding. Very successful transformation and step in good direction in developing his sport career.
Up to 100 kg category was dominated by John Andre Cifra of Kuwait. Originally from Philippines, he lives in Kuwait now, working as a captain in the famous Oxygen Gym there. Won the 2014 Amateur Mr. Olympia but lost at the Arnold Classic in Madrid. Now prepared a top body condition and was “untouchable” by his opponents. The second place winner, Kille Kujala of Finland, placed out of the top six last year but in the 90 kg category. Now he was much more muscular (99 kg bodyweight) and in shape.
Over 100 kg category – the longestbodybuilding category at this Arnold, with 24 competitors in the line-up. And great duel at the top: 2014 Amateur Olympia Europe runner-up Petar Klancir (Croatia) vs. 2014 Arnold Europe 3rd place winner Vitaly Fateev (Russia). An infant prodigy of the Russian bodybuilding, Fateev, won several Championships of Moscow and 2008 Russian Nationals but couldn’t climb up at the international level. This was his third Arnold Europe: he jumped to the top following his “no place’ in 2011 and* 3rd place last year. Klancir had to accept the 2nd place (in all rounds) at his second top international event this year, losing to Roman Fritz at the 2014 Amateur Olympia in Prague. His best year is yet to come…
For the overall winner we need to wait for the Sundays final gala.
Master Men’s Bodybuilding 40-49 years old
Top two bodybuilder in the 80 kg class came from Italy and both they were finalists last year in Madrid. Flavio Passerini moved up from the 5th place last year to the top, leaving behind Roberto Casavecchia, who finished 3rd last year.
This is a very successful year for the Spanish bodybuilder Antonio Gutierrez. After victories at the 2014 European Championships (masters overall winner!) he took the first Amateur Olympia Latin America title and now repeated this result at the Arnold Europe, winning all three rounds in the 90 kg category. But what happened behind him! Three bodybuilders: Edson Serafim (Brazil), Mohammad Pashayi (Azerbaijan) and Giovanni Cubeddu (France) were tied with 30 points each at the second round. The third round (routine) brought one-point differences between them, with Serafim in the 2nd place for the second time in a row.
Ramon Gonzales (Spain) won the masters overall title at the 2012 Arnold Europe, then the 2014 European Championships gold medal. Now he appeared in Madrid once again but… met a very demanding opponent this time: Gilberto Ciriello (Italy) who placed out of the top 6 last year in the Men’s Bodybuilding 100 kg class. Now moved to the masters over 90 kg category and after losing the first round 7:8 to Gonzales, won the next two rounds pushing Gonzales down to the 2nd place.
Masters overall battle was very tough. Finally, Jose Carlos Rebolo won by 2 points over Antonio Gutierrez* Fantastic competition for Rebolo and his life achievement!
Women’s Bikini Fitness
Up to 160 cm: Great international star Romina Basualdo (Argentina), who won this year’s Arnold USA and Amateur Olympia Latin America, met a very demanding rival: 2014 Spanish national champion and 2014 Copa de España overall winner Maria del Pilar. First round only 8:9 for Basualdo but then she also won the second round.
Up to 163 cm: The longest category, with 41 athletes on stage. It was a big day forRodika Bodrug of Sweden: following her 5th place at the 2014 Sweden Grand Prix, she was fighting for victory in Madrid and was a leader after the first round. Later on, she was outrun by a new Russian star, 2014 Eastern European Cup 3rd place winner Olga Blokhina. Many world top bikini competitors (Oksana Artemova, Sara Rodriguez, Marija Naceva, Inmaculada Gual) out of the top six or even top 15. The next opportunity to “repair” their reputation at the Women’s Worlds in Montreal.
Up to 166 cm: The closest battle in the bikini fitness division: Marcia Goncalvez (Brazil) vs. Frida Sjöström (Sweden). Goncalvez was the 4th place finisher last year and came 3rd at the 2014 Arnold South America. Now had a good opportunity to move up to the top but… had one tough opponent on her road. Sjöström placed in the top ten at the 2014 European Championships and Amateur Olympia Europe. In Madrid exploded with a perfect body condition, so both ladies were tied 12:12 in the first round. The finals round went by one point to Sjöström.
Up to 169 cm: There was no hesitation who could be the winner of this category: one of the most successful IFBB bikini competitor Olga Viazmetinova (Ukraine). Unbeatable in a couple of the recent biggest international events was unbeatable in Madrid also. Behind her, close battle between Egle Eller-Nabi (Estonia) and Elvira Cara (Moldova), with Eller-Nabi in the 2nd place at the end.
Up to 172 cm: Incredible progress of the rising Estonian star Kristina Nuut, who appeared at the 2014 World Ladies Cup in Kiev, then finished in the 9th place at the European Championships and now exploded with top shape, giving no chance to her opponents. 2014 Arnold USA winner Liana Moroz (Russia) and Karen Thompson (Ireland) were tied 15:15, with final decision favorable for Moroz.
Over 172 cm: What a battle! The top three after the first round were scored upside down in the finals. 2014 Amateur Olympia Europe 3rd place winner Olivia Pohankova (Slovakia) was 3rd in the semifinals but advanced to the top in the finals. 2014 ACE 3rd place winner Kathrin Hollmann (Germany) was a leader in the semifinals but dropped to the 3rd place in the second round. 2014 World Ladies Cup winner Kseniia Sheveleva (Russia) was much more stable and finished 2nd in both rounds.
Bikini fitness overall had a clear winner: Olga Viazmetinova of Ukraine. Following her victories at the biggest 2014 events: World Ladies Cup, European Championships and Amateur Olympia Europe, finally she added her first overall triumph. Congratulations and repeat this in Montreal! *
Women’s Bodyfitness
Up to 158 cm: There was a match Spain vs. Hungary, with 3 Spanish girls and 2 Hungarians. In the first round two Hungarian competitors: Vivien Olah and Szandra Hidasi were tied 8:8 in the 1st place, followed by three Spaniards. But in the finals Bienvenida Bevia (last year’s 3rd place winner) jumped between the Hungarians, into the 2nd position.
Up to 163 cm: First time Veronica Gallego (Spain) was measured over 158 cm (158,4 cm exactly) and had to compete in this category. It was not a problem for her as she is a top international star and was a leader after the semifinals. But in the finals some of the judges changed their opinion and moved to the top the Russian master competitor Irina Topoleva. Interesting, that a day before they both met in the Masters Bodyfitness category where Gallego won over Topoleva, so now a sweet revenge. For Topoleva it is a life achievement since her previous best result was the 6th place at the 2014 European Masters Championships. The current World Championships runner-up Yaroslava Nikolaeva out of the top 15!
Up to 168 cm: Finally, in the 1st place Eva Rusan of Croatia! She was “plagued” by a series of 3rd places in the recent years (2012 and 2014 Arnold Europe, 2014 Women’s Worlds, 2014 European Championships). Now she has broken this “plague”, advancing to the top from the 4th place in the semifinals. The semifinal leaders: Maria Scotland (UK) and Marie Steffen (Germany) dropped to the 2nd and 3rd places. But it was not the biggest sensation in this class or, maybe, at the whole Arnold Europe this year: unbeatable in 2014 Slovak mega star Adela Ondrejovicova, who came to Madrid to earn the Pro Card, was scored in the 11th place. The other pretender to the top place, Kristina Skjelberg (Norway) took the 13th position. They both were in a top shape. Does it mean that they were scored down because they were considered too muscular for Bodyfitness division?
Over 168 cm: Similar situation like in the previous category: top two from the latest European Championships: Kinga Szweda (Poland) and Elena Kirshchina (Azerbaijan) were scored in the 12th and 11th places. Similar problem? 2014 Loaded Cup overall winner and Oslo Grand Prix winner Mette Stensland was declared the winner of this class. She was pressed by a new German star Alexandra Hipwell (only one-point difference in the finals). Then the next new Norwegian talent Ellen Berg.
Bodyfitness overall
The winner of the shortest class, Vivien Olah (Hungary) took this title. Then Irina Topoleva (Russia) and Mette Stensland (Norway), with one-point gap between them.
The great Arnold Classic Europe Final Gala on Sunday!
Download ACE 2014 second day results
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