Darren Casey In Jail Over River Death
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    Darren Casey In Jail Over River Death

    Darren Casey sobbed in court as he was imprisoned over the passing of a man who drowned in a river.

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    The Judge of the Antrim Crown Court, Gordon Kerr QC told 26-year-old Darren Joseph Casey this was an "exceedingly excellent case" and that the passing of 21-year-old Ballymena man Owen Gerard Mckeown "was the terrible aftereffect of his own choice" to hop into the River Bann.
    Casey, from Claragh Hill Grange, Kilrea, was sentenced to 15 months, due to the fact that he conceded the homicide of Mr Mckeown on May 5, 2012.
    While Casey will serve a large portion of his sentence in jail with the rest of authorized parole, as a result of the time he has officially served, he ought to be discharged one month from now.

    In his sentencing comments, Judge Kerr said: "On those actualities that the litigant was struck by Owen Mckeown... the litigant responded... also in this manner, acknowledges that he has overreacted... indeed thus, the confirmation demonstrates that any wounds he created can be medically meaningless and would have had influence in the passing of the deceased.

    "The consequence of Mr Mckeown running was death, most likely in dread of further strike, and afterward jumping into the river," included Judge Kerr.
    Indicting QC Terence Mooney told the court earlier this month that Casey had stripped off and bounced into the river after Mckeown in an attempt to save his life.
    Defence QC Martin O'rourke professed it was a lamentable and appalling case, in which a contrite Casey had put his own particular life in threat. Mr O'rourke said Casey acknowledged that his assault on Mr Mckeown went beyond self-preservation, offering inclination to the illegal demonstration that prompted his passing.
    Mr Mooney had told the court that Mr Mckeown, who had headed out with two others to Kilrea from his Dunclug bequest home in Ballymena, gathered Casey, before setting off to the River Bann close to the Agivey Road, Patterson's Lane, a well-known drinking spot for youngsters.

    Nevertheless, they weren't there for any drink, however, to gather steroid drugs, which both Casey and Mckeown utilized as a major aspect of their muscle building program. As they were climbing over a wall, Mr Mckeown hit Casey, who punched him to the ground, where he proceeded with his assault.
    Mr Mooney said a gathering of canoeists heard voices originating from the river bank, and at first thought they may go under assault, but then, they saw a completely dressed man hop into the stream.

    "He swam out from the bank, and after that vanished under the water, thereafter another male then peeled off his dress, and also went into the water in an obvious endeavor to save the first male," said Mr Mooney.

    A post-mortem investigation of Mr Mckeown, whose reason of death was drowning, likewise shown that he may as well have been affected by drugs at the same time. Casey had went after Mr Mckeown into the river "trying to reclaim the circumstances".

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    Re: Darren Casey In Jail Over River Death

    I just think that this is really sad and sometimes when I read or hear news like this I sometimes cannot understand why things like this happens and why some people get themselves involved in things like this.

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    Re: Darren Casey In Jail Over River Death

    Well this is certainly a sad story, but I am still a little confused as to what all happened here. From what I gather, this guy hit the other guy which made him go on to drown in the river. Regardless of what actually happened, though, it is always terrible to see young lives ruined over moments of rage or emotional mishandling, and it really does happen far too often. It just goes to show you to be careful at all times, but I hope the families are okay here.



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