RIP Greg Plitt, His Life and Death
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    RIP Greg Plitt, His Life and Death

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    Greg Plitt is an American citizen who was born on November 3, 1977 in Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America. His complete name is George Gregory Plitt Jr. He is from the family of four and he also has an elder sister who joined the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis.

    Greg Plitt is a graduate of Gilman School. In 2000, he graduated in United States Military Academy which located in West Point, New York wherein he received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics. For almost five years, he worked as a Ranger reaching the rank of a commander and he was the captain of 184 members of United States service. He used his fitness and military skills to support the building of MFT 28, a video mentor with “”.
    Greg Plitt is known as an American fitness model and actor. He has seen in several TV dramas and movies. In year 2012, he was an athlete of Met-Rx and a representative and became a model of Theirry Mugler’s Angel Men and ICE*Men scents.

    Greg Plitt has modeled for the following for publications:
    American Health and Fitness
    Men’s Fitness
    Men’s Health
    Men’s Exercise
    He was also seen in the following television and print ad promotions:
    Under Armor
    Old Navy
    Calvin Klein
    Old Spice

    Greg Plitt began his acting career in year the 2006. He has portrayed different kinds of role in the field of acting. He has experienced a lot of guesting and frequent roles. He also worked for some shows in television which is happening in real life.

    The following are the different movies and TV drama that he has accomplished:
    The Good Shepherd (2006)
    Days of Our Lives
    Terminator Salvation (2009)
    Friends to Lovers
    Work Out
    Grudge Match
    The Watchmen
    HGTV’s Designed to Sell
    NBC’s Days of our Lives’
    WE’s Mystery Millionaire
    Six Sex Scenes and a Murder (2008)
    Icon Men: Greg Plitt (2004)

    For the past eight years, Greg Plitt became an actor, motivational presenter, model and entrepreneur. He has performed in 250 fitness magazine covers and he is one of the number 1 America’s fitness models for male. He also tried his charm from the fitness world to fashion business, which made him the face of the universal scents campaign for the admired fashion stylish. He also worked with a varied scope of stages from product presentations, fashion promotions to publicizing and marketing for products with men’s automotive to underwear.
    Aside from his successful career in acting and modeling, his business is very successful as well. As a successive businessman, Greg Plitt’s creativity have turned into many products that cost over millions. He has received many awards that made him known by everyone not only for being an actor.

    The career honors Greg Plitt as one of the following;
    25 Fittest Americans by the Men’s Fitness Magazine
    One of the most America’s Most Eligible Bachelors” by the syndicated show in the television “EXTRA”
    One of the 60 Sexiest Men Alive” by the “DNA Magazine
    Best Male Physique on TV

    George Gregory Plitt Jr. died at the age of 37 on January 17, 2015 because he was hit and killed by Metrolink Antelope Valley Line train 268 in Burbank, California while he was running on the railings. There are people who witnessed the death of Greg Plitt. They saw him nearby the cities of Metrolink roads with a video camera and have been recording and taking pictures with his friends. He was hit by a train as he took video and pictures on the path. The police are observing through videos and photographs as a part of their analysis to see if the case was held on camera.

    Before Greg Plitt died, he said he has “no fear” of death while posting a video about the scene of his pet dog. He posted this video last year in the month of November. The title of this video is “Power of Death”. In this video he left a message which explains why he made this blog. “Death is a perspective wake up call, accountability and a very huge responsibility that we always take for granted” he wrote that message as the explanation of the video that he has post. In this video blog he displays a “15 minute” particular video in where death knocked on his door and he has gone one of his loves on his watch. He explains a lot of things about death that we will achieve more than the fact that we lose.

    There are a lot of people who really love the presence of Greg Plitt especially in the field of media. In his 37th existence in our world he has achieve a lot of things in his life. No one are expecting that in a that incident he will be gone. His friends describe him as a person who would go the additional mile for his friends and his love to the industry of fitness. He is one the motivational and inspirational person that will surely miss by everyone. He is one of the most amazing people in the industry of fitness.

    Life is too short that we should value. We are given a chance to be born to see how meaningful life is. All of us will die because we all know that this life only borrowed from God time will come that he will take it from us. For me Greg Plitt is right we don’t need to fear death what we need to do is be ready always. Greg Plitt is a very strong person that will be remembered by everyone; in his 37th years of existence in this world he has enjoyed life. He taught us that we should see the value of death as it will tell us that we need to be alive and not just live.

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    Re: RIP Greg Plitt, His Life and Death

    Rest in peace what a loss.

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    Re: RIP Greg Plitt, His Life and Death

    Quote Originally Posted by GOTGrowth View Post
    Rest in peace what a loss.
    What a stupid way to die though. Racing a train? Fucking insanity.

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    Re: RIP Greg Plitt, His Life and Death

    Anyone stupid enough to race a train deserves to die. Greg Plitt was an retard to do that.

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    Re: RIP Greg Plitt, His Life and Death

    I heard that too. Greg was last seen racing a train. I guess he lost.

    Too soon?



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