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Thread: Firas Saied

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    Firas Saied

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    feras saied is a pro ifbb he won the pro card, in 2011, when he got overall at arnold classic europe. he competed in super heavy weights. and he won category and overall bodybuilding.

    then he competed in several pro show.


    Arnold Classic Europe - IFBB, 10th
    European Pro - IFBB, Open, 4th
    FIBO Germany - IFBB, 5th

    several years ago, he left italy, and he went to Dubai.

    Now he is going to compete again in PRO IFBB contest.

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    Re: Feras Saied

    Firas saied is going to compete at europa pro show in Orlando in may.

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    Re: Feras Saied

    firas saied, pro ifbb from italy, will compete in Orlando. in this video we can see him training chest!

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    Re: Feras Saied

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    firas saied, by LA design ( luca alfieri photographer )

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    Re: Feras Saied

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    Firas saied in Orlando few days before 2015 europe pro ifbb show

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    Re: Feras Saied

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    Firas and daniel toth at orlando

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    Re: Feras Saied

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    Re: Feras Saied

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    a few days before the 2015 IFBB pro california

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    Re: Feras Saied

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    Re: Feras Saied

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    Re: Feras Saied

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    Re: Feras Saied

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    Saied vs dallas

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    Re: Firas Saied

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    Firas saied in venice beach!

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    Re: Firas Saied

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    Firas saied is on istagram! Follow him!

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    Re: Firas Saied

    firas after second place at 2015 california PRO IFBB

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    Re: Firas Saied

    Ifbb magazine september 2015

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