Testosterone - Why Bodybuilders Use Testosterone
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    Testosterone - Why Bodybuilders Use Testosterone

    Testosterone - Why Bodybuilders Use Testosterone
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    Bodybuilders are always sought after for their nice bulky body and strong aura. These are just some of the reasons why many people, especially the men are into bodybuilding and consistently go in the gym to have that perfect body shape that can capture every oneís attention and, of course, make the women admire their very manly figure. If you happen to ask a gym-goer of what is the specific single physical factor that mostly affects the muscle growth as well as the fat loss, his answer would probably the testosterone level of a person. And most of us will agree, including the experts.
    They are right that the testosterone level is the single physical factor that most affects the overall muscle growth and fat loss in the human body. Every guy out there knows that he badly needs the ideal levels of testosterone in order to successfully maximize his bodyís muscle growth from his hard efforts and sweats right there in the gym. The testosterone is a primary hormonal driver of the muscle growth. There are many researches that has been previously conducted that successfully showed that the anabolic asteroids, which extremely raise the testosterone levels, are given to young and healthy men can effectively induce the muscle growth and the fat loss of a personís body without having the need to exercise or whatsoever. We can assume that the higher the levels of our testosterone are, the more muscles we can definitely build and the leaner we can absolutely get.

    What is ďtestosteroneĒ?

    Testosterone is an anabolic and androgenic hormone which is secreted by the testes in the men. This is not only for men because women also secrete some of it through their ovaries, and some are produced by their adrenal glands. Testosterone, as we all know, is primarily a male hormone and the men normally produce for about 40-60 percent of it than women. Though men and women have an identical muscle tissue, the testosterone makes them different because it is the responsible for the greater strength and muscle size in men.
    What are some examples of the physiological actions of testosterone in the male body?
    During puberty, there are some changes that happen in the male body and the testosterone is the one responsible to these changes. Some of these changes are the following:

    • Growth of the male reproductive organ, testes and scrotum
    • Enlargement of the voice box or the larynx which results in the deepening of the voice of the men
    • The formations of the functional sperm
    • Stimulation of the hair growth in the chest, face, and pubic area
    • Increases the libido, muscle protein synthesis, basal metabolic rate, red blood cell, and calcium retention in the bones
    • Promotes the strengthening an the narrowing of the pelvis
    • Reductions right there in the muscle glycogen breakdowns during an exercise
    • Promotion of the sodium as well as of the water retention in the kidneys

    Why bodybuilders use testosterone?
    Bodybuilding, most of the time, is seen as a way to have a bigger and more masculine physique than the normal, just like on what we can see on the wrestlers. Many bodybuilders believe that dramatically elevating their testosterone levels can effectively induce their bodyís muscle growth. It is already proven to be effective and if they only take the enough amount of the right steroids, their testosterone levels will rise just like a skyrocket, and if they would lift their weights regularly, it is 100% expected that they will achieve or get more muscle growth than on what they can get if they are drug-free.
    Though it has been already studied and proven that testosterone is very much effective in bodybuilding, there are some things that most of the people out there donít know. There are some limitations to growth because the development of the muscle in the body is kind of limited due to a certain combination of the personís unique genetic dispositions and the possible demands that he puts on his body. The person can change that certain demands that he puts on his body by actively participating in programs that promote fitness like a weight-training program.

    It is important to remember also that genetically limitations on a personís body might hinder or prevent him from achieving or getting the growth or muscle size that he desires. According to an exercise scientist, the specific proteins, which are commonly known or called as growth hormone, growth factors, testosterone and cortisol all do influence a personís capacity to grow or increase its muscle size. Aside from that, the cortisol is the hormone that is responsible in breaking down the muscle tissues. As the new muscle tissues are produced, the old tissues are cannibalized.

    The cortisol is categorized by some as catabolic because it has the opposite effect as that of the insulin, testosterone, and of the growth hormone. It breaks down the muscle tissue rather than growing and successfully building it up. The cortisol enables the body to use the muscle proteins for energy, or in making the other proteins that are needed in the body during times or pressure or stress. The large amounts of cortisol circulating in the body can inhibit the muscle growth even when the bodyís testosterone availability is very optimal. Unlike the bodyís muscle growth, the fluctuations of the testosterone levels within the physiological normal range had very significant effects on the bodyís fat percentage. So we can conclude that the higher the testosterone levels of a person are, the leaner he can definitely get and vice versa.

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    What are the other good effects of having a high testosterone levels?

    Testosterone effectively increases the size of all the individual muscle cells in the body. A bigger muscle cell then pulls harder which enables a person to gain the strength that he need. In addition to that, the testosterone promotes or encourages the muscle cells to build even more muscle cells. So you will not only have a much bigger muscle cell but stronger and more of them. Aside from that, having a high levels of testosterone does not only stop in getting stronger and bigger muscles or those better or perfect curves because the effects goes beyond them.

    A lot of bodybuilders use testosterone because it does not only help in making them fit because it can also can make them feel more active and energetic, can improve their mental focus and raises their emotional well-being, and most of all, the testosterone lowers and controls the body fat level.

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    Re: Testosterone - Why Bodybuilders Use Testosterone

    Very nice, thanks!

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    Re: Testosterone - Why Bodybuilders Use Testosterone

    Best thread I have ever read on test bro thank u



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