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    Hot for Teacher Mindi Jensen!

    I wish I had a teacher like Mindi! She is beautiful, healthy and even smart! She is also very proud as she should be. Just look at her physique!

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    Mindi Jensen who teaches at North Sanpete Middle School is constantly training in the gym! She works hard so she can compete in the Bikini category at bodybuilding shows. She decided to post some of her pics on Instagram and ofcourse some parents in the Google Ole USA are offended. This is also in Utah which has a high population of Mormons though I do not know if that is related.

    Here is Mindi from her Instagram page:
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    One week eeeeekkkk i'm so excited. This is just my start. Someday I'll use these pictures as my "before" picture. I really am proud of myself, although I dreamt and wished I never thought I could do it. Skinny to strong.
    I thought America was supposed to be the land of the free but so many are always so offended by everything. These are bodybuilding pics! Not Porn! Mindi has nothing to be ashamed of!

    The school board tried to force her to either make her profile private or remove them or be fired! She fought them on this and forced them to reconsider. I would have told the Sanpete school board to fuck off.

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    BLAHHHH my Monday progression picture.... Improvements on some areas but sooo much more work needed. I need major gains in the next couple weeks. I'm going to push harder then ever.

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    As proud as I am of myself, I'm nervous about posting this. Compared to the amazing full bikini legs I look skinny and I'm super self couscous about it. I'm 5'8 and started this at 108lbs I was 114lbs when I stepped on that stage only five months later and extremely lean. My whole life I couldn't gain weight. Yeah stupid thing to complain about but I didn't want to just gain lbs I wanted strength and lean muscles. I started lifting the 3-5lbs dumb bells I'm at 15-20lbs now. I couldn't do a squat with the bar now I put 15lbs on each side. My leg extensions were at 40 now I start at 120. It may not show but I grew stronger in so many ways and can only go up from here. This is only my "before"

    I didn't even mention that this beautiful female bodybuilder, Mindi Jensen is a single mother of 4!

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    Re: Hot for Teacher Mindi Jensen!

    I can see that happening in the US.


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    Re: Hot for Teacher Mindi Jensen!

    Very beautiful woman wish she was my teacher


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    Mecca V.I.P.
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    Re: Hot for Teacher Mindi Jensen!

    Well those are certainly some lucky students. I am trying to figure out whether it is better or worse for her that she is in middle school versus a high school. The students are younger, but I cannot think if that would mean they less mature or not. Either way, though, she seems like a very proud teacher and it looks like she has the looks to back up that pride. I always find a career woman very attractive, so she has that covered. Thanks for sharing.




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