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    Reconstituting human growth hormone (HGH) - Which Water To Use?

    Due to the rapidly lowering prices of HGH (which I believe is due to more players entering the market with high quality HGH), I have been doing a LOT of reading on which water to use to reconstitute HGH. Here are my findings, please chime in to correct or confirm my info - I would rather be told I am wrong than continue onward in ignorance!

    First off, let me say that if you do not know the process by which to reconstitute a peptide, you should not be playing with HGH. HGH is too expensive to be the first "peptide" you use. I put it in quotes because my research showed HGH does not fall into the definition of being a peptide, yet the reconstitution of it is done by the same method as the other peptides. I will not bore you all with the methodology of how to reconstitute the HGH and instead concentrate on the choice of water alone.

    There are basically 5 kinds of water available: BAC Water Benzyl Alcohol (which I will call BAC-BA), BAC Water Sodium Chloride (which I will call BAC-SC), Saline Water, Sterile Water, and Tap Water. I will discuss each of them, below:

    Tap Water: If you even consider using tap water at all, you should put down all your needles and never inject yourself again. You WILL get infections from tap water.
    Sterile Water: If you plan on injecting all of the HGH shortly after reconstituting it, this should be your primary choice, at least according to Somatropin (which is a HGH manufacturer in Canada).
    Saline Water: This water is not much different from Sterile Water other than the addition of salt to make the water the same H as that in your body and to provide some anti-bacterial properties. This should make the shots less painful and last just a little longer. You should treat it the same as Sterile Water for lifespan (use immediately).
    BAC-SC: This is the recommended water to use for reconstitution, if you are not going to be using all the reconstituted HGH right way. This water contains sodium chloride 9 mg, benzyl alcohol 0.9%, and hydrochloric acid or sodium hydroxide for pH adjustment. The pH should be 5. This allows the reconstituted water to last up to 28 days in the fridge, or be frozen for a year prior to use.
    BAC-BA: This water is NOT recommended as the pH is 5.7, which is slightly to alkaline for the fragile HGH. It does not mean it is guaranteed to destroy your gear, but why risk it?

    To recap, if you are going to use all the reconstituted HGH the same day you make it, Sterile Water or Saline Water are both good choices. If you are going to store some HGH for use later, you must use BA-SC (Bacteriostatic Water with 0.9% Sodium Chloride). Do not use Tap Water or BAC-BA (Bacteriostatic Water with 0.9% Benzyl Alcohol).

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