All right! Who saw the event last night? Overall it was an exciting card. Lots of finishes. Notably, Skelly overcame some adversity and looked pretty good on the undercard. Also good to see some Americans take it to the home team. But lemme cut to the chase. Dan Henderson.

First, though, I HATE VITOR BELFORT. Seriously, f*ck that cheatin S.O.B. I was hoping Hendo'd knock his fat head into the 18th row*, but alas, it wasn't meant to be. And no excuses cos Vitor was obviously not as juiced as he was the last time they met. Old Dan might just be a little too long in the tooth at 45. Could be time to hang em up.

What do you think? Should Dan keep fighting and resign himself to the fact that he's never gonna make a title run? Do we really want to see a legend end his career as a gatekeeper?

*kudos if you get this song reference (it's pretty obscure)

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