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    Post Push's Cycle Talk - Injections

    Disclaimer: I do not claim to be an expert. I am not a chemist. Nor am I a doctor. These are my opinions and are not intended to offend anyone. I'm just writing from my experience.


    Most times when we talk about injections it will be referred to as pinning.
    e.g. I just pinned 100mg Test P in my delt, or I have to get more pins or I will be pinning twice a week.

    When we talk about pinning steroids we are usually going to pin Intramuscular (IM), meaning we are going to pin straight into a muscle and inject the AAS.
    When we talk about pinning HGH, or insulin we are going to pin subcutaneous (subq) meaning we will pin into the fat layer between the skin and muscle.

    Some people are hesitant to use injectable steroids because they are not sure if they can safely self administer an injection.
    Self administering injections is safely done by many people everyday, think diabetics using insulin or TRT patients using testosterone.
    As long as you practice good techniques in a controlled environment you too can self administer injections.

    So lets talk about what you will need to pin IM.

    The AAS you intend to inject.
    Alcohol prep pads (purchase at any drug store or grocery store, very inexpensive)
    3cc Syringe (hundreds of websites sell syringes and needles)
    Needle - needles are measure in gauge size. The smaller the gauge, the bigger the needle diameter e.g. 20 gauge needle will be larger than a 25 gauge. Needles also come in different lengths - most muscles can be pinned with a 1 inch needle.
    You can purchase syringes with needle already attached or buy them separately.
    ***Some users will use a larger gauge needle to draw the AAS into the syringe and then switch the needle to a smaller gauge to inject. (not necessary)
    You will also need something to safely discard your pin after injection. ( sharps container is best, but I have heard of people using empty protein powder containers, or coffee cans. A simple aluminum can will work as well. )

    Ok steps to follow: example given for 1cc/1ml injection.
    1. Wash Hands
    2. Wipe surface area with an alcohol pad that you will be laying your supplies on.
    3. Layout all your supplies on sterile surface.
    4. Wipe the top of your vial with prep pad and leave pad on top until ready to draw.
    5. Open syringe and needle package, just peel back the top so you can set the syringe back down on it after you fill it.
    6. Pull back the plunger to 1ml.
    7. Remove cap from needle, remove prep pad from top of vial.
    8. Insert needle into the center of the rubber stopper on the vial and push the 1ml of air into the vial.
    9. Invert the vial and pull back on the plunger until you have 1 ml of liquid in the syringe, you may have to pull back further than the 1ml line and push any air back into the vial. The idea is to have zero air and 1ml of the oil in the syringe.
    10. Remove the needle from the vial and recap the needle, set the syringe back down on the empty syringe package.
    11. Now your going to prep the area of injection.
    12. Use a prep pad and wipe in a circular motion, making the circle larger gradually so you have about a 2 inch sterile area.
    13. Repeat with a new prep pad. Let the area dry.
    14. Pick up the syringe, hold it needle up and uncap.
    15. You may need to flick the side of the syringe to get any air bubbles to the top.
    16. Slowly push up on the plunger until all air is expelled and at least a drop of oil is visible on the needle tip. (this will help lubricate the needle)
    17. Pull skin tight around injection site.
    18. Insert needle at a 90 degree angle directly with one smooth motion. (you can do it, just trust yourself)
    *** at this point some people aspirate (once the needle is in the muscle you pull back slightly on the plunger, the theory is if air comes back into the syringe then it is safe to inject, if blood comes into the syringe then you could be in a vein and would need to pull the needle out and insert in a different site) Some people swear you have to aspirate and others will tell you it isn't necessary at all.
    19. Push slowly down on the plunger, take your time this is not the time to rush!
    20. When the syringe is all the way empty, it is time to pull out the needle. Do this in one deliberate movement. You might bleed a little it's ok. Take an alcohol prep pad and cover the injected site, keep light pressure. You may need to do this more than once.
    21. If you want to cover the site with a band-aid you can.
    22. There are some users who will rub/massage the area to help disperse the AAS in the muscle. I've have also heard of using a heating pad on the area.
    23. Make sure you recap the needle at the first opportunity you get. You should then unscrew the capped needle from the syringe and discard responsibly.

    The steps for pinning subq are all the same except when it is time to pin. Subq can be given straight in at a 90 degree angle or at a 45 degree angle. Give the injection at a 90 degree angle if you can grasp 2 inches of skin between your thumb and first finger. If you can grasp only 1 inch of skin, give the injection at a 45 degree angle.

    Now you will notice that I did not tell you where or what areas can be pinned. I don't feel comfortable with that. However there is plenty of information regarding injections sites available online from medical websites.

    Hopefully this little write up can help some newer users understand the terms and process somewhat better. I know that I had and still do have questions regarding AAS use all the time. I am one to ask too many questions and you should too. After all this is your body were talking about.

    Thanks for reading PUSH!

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    Re: Push's Cycle Talk - Injections

    Tha I u for another great thread my brother

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    Re: Push's Cycle Talk - Injections

    Good stuff, bro! TX

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    Re: Push's Cycle Talk - Injections

    Good thread!

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    Re: Push's Cycle Talk - Injections

    Thankyou for the step by step info. Its gonna be useful




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