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    Re: TheShadow - PSL Sponsored Log

    'Drink more fluids to eat less'.

    This is one thrown about the general population a tonne, but how true is this?

    In this research, subjects drank 1,2,3 and then in the follow-up, 4 bottles of water before a buffet, and their calorie intake monitored.

    When 'normal weight' subjects drank 3 bottles of water in the first study, they consumed fewer calories. Overweight/obese subjects intake remained unchanged however. All participants showed reduced 'liking of food items' and hunger was reduced in female subjects.

    In the follow-up, interestingly water intake didn't effect calorie intake in any conditions.

    Based on this research alone, it doesn't appear we have enough evidence to suggest actively increasing fluid intake pre-feeding as a method to reduce total energy intake.

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    Re: TheShadow - PSL Sponsored Log

    I remember vividly Jon saying to me over our initial phone consultation 'just get these bloody legs to grow'.

    Here we are a few months in and i'd say that goal is well underway.

    All of the extra meticulous focus on execution and proper programming is worth it, especially in already advanced trainees like Jon where the basics have been covered.

    TheShadow - PSL Sponsored Log

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    Re: TheShadow - PSL Sponsored Log

    Massively proud of a long-term friend and client Wayne.

    Adding some really nice stage weight over the past 2 years.

    We are just getting started here man!TheShadow - PSL Sponsored Log

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    Re: TheShadow - PSL Sponsored Log

    (Yep he put them the wrong way round lol)

    Just under 2 months of body composition progress for my client Alex here.

    We ran through a real rapid mini-cut to resensitise some markers that weren't where they should be, pulled out all drugs and got all health parameters in line, and now reaping the rewards growing like a weed. TheShadow - PSL Sponsored Log

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    Re: TheShadow - PSL Sponsored Log


    Females have lower bone mineral density than men. They also lose it faster, especially when at menopause. Amount of muscle mass and bone mineral density in females is related, whereas in men, it is not.

    So what can you do? In very basic terms...

    1. Resistance train. Every female should regularly train with weights, full stop.
    2. Consume sufficient protein.
    3. Stay on top off hormonal down-regulation as you age, use HRT as necessary.

    If you want me to get deeper into strategies to achieve any of the three points above either via future posts, or the podcast, let me know!

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    Re: TheShadow - PSL Sponsored Log

    My good friend and client Chris Faulkner.

    On the left...
    - Macros at 200g protein, 100g fat, 300g carbs
    - Big time digestive issues. Constant bloating throughout the day, inability to increase calories, no appetite
    - 222lbs morning fasted weight

    On the right...
    - Macros at 350g protein, 50g fat, 560g carbs on training days, 290g protein, 90g fat, 45g carbs on rest days
    - Zero digestive issues at all, huge appetite
    - 215lbs morning fasted weight

    Much larger intake but visually leaner and bigger, all digestion problems solved, BG sitting in a really nice spot, nutrient partitioning cranking hard. Super happy with the progress here!
    TheShadow - PSL Sponsored LogTheShadow - PSL Sponsored Log

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    Re: TheShadow - PSL Sponsored Log


    The Evil Genius Broderick L. Chavez on Drug Use for Physique Athletes.

    The Evil Genius joins Joe and Austin this week to answer you guys questions, discuss some personal PED ventures and general steroid chit-chat specifically with the goal of hypertrophy/fat loss in mind!



    Podcasts App: Optimal Physique Development

    Social Links:

    Broderick Chavez:
    IG: @bl_chavez

    Joe Jeffery​
    IG: @joejefferyuk

    Austin Stout​
    IG: @austinst8


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