Kaballero Labs are being produced exclusively for Gear Depot now. We have been courting this lab for a long time and we’re happy to have secured the rights to sell their products. Any other source is selling counterfeit products.
We have received nothing but overwhelmingly positive reviews from our customers on this line. The Kaballero products are all overdosed by at least 5% potency. The tablet line comes with 5-10 extra tabs in each package. This means that 50ct bags will have 55 tabs, and 100ct bags should have between 5-10 extra tabs in each package. We requested the Kaballero Labs to do this because at one time we were customers just like you, and like most people, we hated ordering 50 tabs only to receive 47 tabs and a variety of broken pieces. It’s no one’s fault, but by throwing in a few extras, it ensures that our valued customers not only get right right amount of in-tact tablets, but they get more than what they paid for.
The injectables are overdosed, not overfilled. This means that in a 10mL vial, you get exactly 10mL, but the mg/mL strength is higher than advertised. We just received our last months test analysis and the 3 randomly selected oils were over dosed by an average of 12% potency.
The feedback is great on this line and the products are potent and pure. Kaballero is the real deal.

To see the Kaballero Products please click here http://depotorder.co/products/brands/17