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    Where can we meet kevin levrone?

    From fb kevin levrone tells us where we will find him...

    Quote Quote

    Hey gang! Many of you have been asking about my upcoming appearances, so here is my schedule for the rest of September and all of October. See you SOON...SHAAABOOM !


    -Arnold Classic, in Barcelona, Spain - I'm here this Friday (tomorrow), Saturday and Sunday. I'll be at Official Kevin Levrone Signature Series booth to take pictures and you can grab some of our limited.

    EVLS Prague Showdown - Friday 9/30 and Saturday 10/1 (Next weekend) - On Saturday @ 1:00pm, I'll be Master of ceremony + giving a seminar and talking about my training secrets, nutrition, and my Olympia journey / the future.

    *I'll also be at the Levrone Signature Series booth, to take pics and meet everyone.

    Olympia, Europe, in Dortmund, Germany - I'll be at Levrone Signature Series booth on Friday, October 21st and Saturday, the 22nd.

    *I'll also be visiting locals gyms in the area to train keep your eye out!

    Power Pro Show, in Moscow, Russia - I'll be at Levrone Signature Series booth on Friday, October 28th and Saturday, the 29th & Sunday, the 30th.

    Grateful for the love the best is yet to come ✌️

    Where can we meet kevin levrone?

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    Re: Where can we meet kevin levrone?

    wow thats great.. thanks for sharing..


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    Re: Where can we meet kevin levrone?

    You welcome!




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