Im running rad140 courtesy of a sponsor on a diff board. Before this I had only used AAS and MK677(no GH)...Cycle about once ayear or less in average...Been off gear for awhile and only about 5lbs under by all time BW as I recover well with great pct regimens .diet training and do not cycle till Im back and setting PR's in "off cycle" training. MK677 has been a miracle drug during pct and towards very end of cycle. I had read much about RAD140 NOT being suppressive but appears the folks behind some of this info are the ones selling the products. Many others claim high HPTA shutdown comparable to AAS or PH/designer drugs with less gains.

I am doing 10mg daily for 30 days. The company that offered the log sells these close to 2-3x the other companies I normally deal with so IF I do continue I'd prob go with a diff company but since I have begun I am thinking of using this as a lead in to a 8-10 testP,NPP and dbol cycle with HCG and cloimd and nolva for pct along with 60 days mk677(30 at 25 30 at 12.5)

If anyone else has info on RAD140 ESPECIALLY studies which I dont think there are ny in humans please lmk or if anyone here has ran rad140 please share your experience.