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    MMA is more exciting because of the submission technique

    You have to agree that MMA is tops when it comes to brutality because aside from allowing the use of knees and elbows, there is also the submission technique where the neck can chokeed or a limb can be twisted that could result in a tap to mean surrender. This is called submission where the referee stops the fight because one fighter had signaled surrender. This brutality may be the reason why MMA aficionados see boxing as a boring fight now.

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    Re: MMA is more exciting because of the submission technique

    I don't think that there's any doubt that MMA is rapidly taking over and thanks to the UFC, and traditional boxing is being left behind somewhat. I don't see why both can't still grow side by side though and I kno quite a few people that still prefer boxing to MMA and I'm one of them. For me (and I know that people will disagree) boxing is more skillful than MMA and I've seen a few fights in the UFC that have basically been an all out brawl that you'd see in a bar or on the street.

    That is obviously exciting to watch, but it can produce some lopsided outcomes and the best fighter doesn't always win. Of course that is good for the promotion of the sport as nobody knows for definite what the outcome is going to be, but at the same time for those of us who want to watch two skillful fighters stand toe to toe, it can be a little frustrating watching the better fighter have to tap out just because he as got stuck in a lucky submission hold.



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