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    MMA in URCC fights

    URCC is Universal Reality Combat Championship, the premier MMA league in the Philippines. I was surprised to see the fights last night. There were 4 fighters who are to fight for the qualifying bouts and the qualifiers are to fight each other. In other words, the qualifiers will be fighting twice on one night. However, the rulea are changed no elbow and knee to the face, also the fights are 3 minutes per round. In the qualifying fight, there are only 2 rounds and in the finals there are 3 rounds.

    Here are the results. Rahul Raju of India defeated Andrew Benibe of the Philippines. Reydon Romero of the Philippines defeated Patrick Manicad. In the finals, Raju bested Romero. I wonder how those fighters could muster enough strength to endure those 2 fights in one night.

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    Re: MMA in URCC fights

    How many fights a fighter can have in one night is going to depend on how long the fights are. In boxing for example, a full fight will last for 12 rounds, so in effect, a boxer could in theory have 4, 3 round fights. The energy needed will still be the same, and I would imagine that the fighters are checked over by a doctor before they fight again so I don't think it's a problem.



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