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Thread: About us

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    Smile About us

    Hello my friends
    I would like to introduce our shop pharmacom.biz

    We are the official worldwide distributor and we are the only one official Pharmacom Labs distributor in the United Arab Emirates and in the Middle-East.
    You can choose the warehouse on the left side of our site.

    http://int.pharmacom.biz/ - this is our international warehouse.
    Shipping from Europe to USA and UK with success rate 99%
    We ship all orders within 2 days of funds being picked up.

    Delivery takes between 6 - 14 business days, depending on the destination country.
    All orders are shipped in discreet envelopes with tracking number.

    There are no markings or images that might suggest what is inside and who sent it - all our packages are discrete and safety.

    http://middle-east.pharmacom.biz/- this is our Middle-East warehouse. We provide the United Arab Emirates domestic shipping.
    Also we can provide shipping outside the United Arab Emirates to nearest countries - please contact us for details

    http://eu-domestic.pharmacom.biz/ - this is our Europe warehouse. We provide the Europe domestic shipping. (soon will be available)
    The best products, best prices and professional help for you.

    We provide reshipping policy for USA and UK customers in case if your package has been seized and if you have received a customs letter.
    Please contact us and provide us attachment where we can see a clear and readable photo of the letter and its envelope.
    Note - If you provide the wrong address for delivery, we do not offer reshipping

    We accept Bitcoin, Money Gram and Western Union money transfers
    You can ask all your questions, we will be happy to answer


    Thank you for attention.

    Best product - Best price!
    About us

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    Re: About us

    Nice to meet you. Welcome

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    Re: About us

    So you're not Darius (Pharmacomstore) or Frank (Basicstero), correct.

    Just checking, as I'm not familiar with your Name, but have done quite a bit of Pharmacom products over the years.

    Here's a Warm Welcome, always nice to have another Pharmacom Dealer.

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    Re: About us

    Yep, I'm not Darius or Frank.My name is Mike. Nice to meet you my friends =)

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    Re: About us

    Welcome your product is well.know and well respected world wide happy to have u at mecca

    Partax anAvar (get some!!!)

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    Re: About us

    Thanks man

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    Re: About us

    Glad to meet you. Welcome to mm



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