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    Running can abuse the joints

    People engaged in running would later complain of joint pains particularly when they get older. I wonder why some friends who are into running couldn’t discern that running abuses the joints especially the knees and ankle. The body’s entire weight causes an impact when the feet land on the ground because in running, you simply float on air for a short moment. I used to love jogging when I was younger but when I learned of this bad effect on the joints, I quit running and jogging and I just do brisk walking instead.

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    Re: Running can abuse the joints

    Running can be tough for a whole lot of reasons.
    What type of surface you run on.
    The Quality of your Running Shoes.
    Your Stride ~ whether you have any Genetic Issues with your Hips, and the placement of your foot when it hits the ground.

    I still know a few older Guys and Gals that run 5 and 10 K races.
    Then I know some Younger Guys and Gals that had to stop running.

    I was a Sprinter when I was young, and did lots of Road Work as part of my Training.
    After some Lower Back Issues, caused by a Bad Car Accident.
    I just can't take the pounding of continued running.
    But I still will do some 40 Yard Wind-Sprints from time to time.




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