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    Do we still want to see a Pacquiao fight?

    It seems to me that Manny Pacquiao is just creating a hype for his next fight. What I mean is that there is no concrete next fight. Some 2 months ago, it was Jeff Horn of Australia for his opponent and the fight would be held in Australia. And that was overshadowed by the survey that Manny Pacquiao himself conducted on social media that resulted in Amir Khan for the publicís choice for his opponent. The Pacquiao-Khan fight was tentatively set for April and to be held in UAE, either Abu Dhabi or Dubai. But now legendary promoter Bob Arum says thereís no such fight and he is still searching for a better opponent for Pacquaio. Come on guys, are you fooling us?

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    Re: Do we still want to see a Pacquiao fight?

    As far as I know, Manny's next fight as been confirmed as being against Amir Khan hasn't it? I'm sure that over here in the UK in the media it said that it had been confirmed and they was just finalising a date and an amount that the fighters would be paid, so it sounds as good as done. If this IS the fight that goes ahead then it's what the fans have been wanting to see for quite a while now and it's a fight that intrigues me.

    Personally even at the age that Manny is now, I think he'll have too much for Khan, but at the same time, Khan's career is starting to stagnate so if he can win then it will propel him back into the limelight again so we could argue that he has a lot more to gain from the fight than Many does.



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