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    Is it descent to wear skimpy tops?

    Whenever I would go to the mall where there is a gym, I would always see some guys coming out of the gym in skimpy sando or shirt. I may be judgmental but I cannot help to think that they are showing off their muscles. Is that the culture of bodybuilders in your place? Pardon me but I don't mean to offend the bodybuilders here.


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    Re: Is it descent to wear skimpy tops?

    Honestly, I've been wearing Tank-Tops to the Gym, since I started.

    I Personally don't like Shirts with any Sleeves, they always seem to Bunch-up, and make me uncomfortable.

    Especially when doing either Bench Press or Overhead Military Press.

    Even when it's just arm day, they constrict on my Upper Arm and Shoulder.

    Not trying to Show-off, just trying to be comfortable when working out.
    I do wear Full Length Sweat Pants.




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