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    Unexpected ending - Golovkin vs Jacobs

    The middleweight championship between 2 knockout specialists ended in an unexpected decision. Everyone was anticipating a short fight since both fighters are capable of knocking out each other. Gennady Golovkin is undefeated with 33 KOs of his 36 wins while Daniel Jacobs has 1 loss and 29 KOs of his 32 wins. Aside from the only knockdown by Golovkn, the fight was uneventful.

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    Re: Unexpected ending - Golovkin vs Jacobs

    Jacobs did well against Golovkin and even though the fight as close I think the decision was fair. A lot of people think that Jacobs could have got the decision or a draw but Golovkin was the better boxer in my opinion throughout the fight and Jacobs left it too late to make an impression on the judges. There should be a re-match, not only to stop the Jacobs camp feeling hard done by, but because it was a good fight to watch and a lot more tactical than what people thought it would be.

    As you say, people expected one of them to walk out of there after a few rounds with a KO, but the fact that didn't happen as elevated the fighters even more in peoples estimations as it showed they can fight and they aren't just reliant on pure power like a lot of people accused them both of.



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