We're pleased to announce yet an other NEW addition to our already wealthy stocked of quality compounds that are listed in our unique ONLINE store..

Vitamin -B12 1000mg/2ml amp $3 USD

Condition: New product
Supplier: Biomedica Foscama ,Italy
Chemical Name:cyanocobalaminum
Comes In: 1000mg/amp
Dosage:1000-2000mg per week
Active time: 24 H

B12 injectable.

Discover improved appetite, improved daily mood,

boost energy levels &
combat fatigue and lethargy that can be brought on by harsh Orals..
(example Drol and M1T)..The advantages are endless..

The addition of B-12 to any cycle/blast provides you with endless advantages and benefits,
especially during cutting/lean phases with properties of maximize the conversion of carbs/fat into ENERGY..

"Highly recommended to take with M1T & Drol in order to achieve maximum out-put in your lifts!"

One of the most sincere things that you can do for yourself is to make your good BETTER,
and your BETTER the BEST, you owe it to yourself to see and experience the most optimal out-put that your best version of yourself can provide,
get out what you most want to come back - Gains!

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