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    Demetrious Johnson, versatile UFC flyweight champion

    I have seen the recent fights of Demetrious Johnson in retaining his UFC flyweight belt. It looks like there is no one sight who can give him a good fight. He is so quick with his moves and his priority is the defense, seeming like he doesnít want to get hit. And although he doesnít have a knockout punch, his versatility always gives him the edge. When in a clinch, he uses not only his elbow but even his shoulder. And when on the ground, he is very slippery with his moves that makes it hard for his opponent to pin him down. In his last fight against the touted heavy puncher Wilson Reis, champion Demetrious Johnson displayed his quick moves such that Reis was unable to hit him with a solid punch. And thatís what made Reis frustrated and eventually lost the fight.

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    Re: Demetrious Johnson, versatile UFC flyweight champion

    As a rule, universality always gives an advantage over others, both in a fight and in life. It may not look very riveting, but it is effective



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