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Benalla’s Bec Singleton has great success in her first bodybuilding competition in Wodonga at the Victorian Regional Australian natural bodybuilding (ANB) competition.

Ms Singleton went in the fitness category.

‘‘Which, put simply, is a fit, strong look with muscle definition,’’ Ms Singleton said.

‘‘It was my first ever comp not only in body building but in fitness in general. I was so nervous and excited.

‘‘I learnt so much about myself, not only physically but mentally.

‘‘This comp was a challenge in so many ways. But it was also incredibly rewarding.

‘‘The training is something I enjoy and is a passion.

‘‘My favourite quote is ‘lifting weights does not make girls bulky — it makes them strong.’

‘‘When my number was called I was so surprised and excited.

‘‘I placed second in the novice female fitness class and then went on to place third in the under 35s female fitness model as well.

‘‘I came home with two trophies, new friendships and the pride that comes from finishing a goal.

‘‘A week later I’m still buzzing. Still scrubbing the last specks of fake tan off. And already planning my next one.’’

By Benalla Ensign
May 10, 2017

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