Violent ex-bodybuilder who called himself 'The Sex Machine' jailed for raping teenage girls 'to satisfy sick urges'
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Size:  26.7 KBDrug dealer Andrew Timblin - who emblazoned his self-appointed nickname in a tattoo across his chest - targeted his most recent victim when she was just 13-years-old

By Chris OsuhLucy Clarke-Billings

An ex-bodybuilder who dubbed himself 'The Sex Machine' has been jailed for 21 years after raping two teenage girls.

Drug dealer Andrew Timblin, who described himself as a "local hardman" - and is known on the streets of Stockport and Tameside by the nickname 'Bear' - subjected two schoolgirls to horrific ordeals.

Timblin, who has a tattoo across his stomach which says 'The Sex Machine', targeted his most recent victim when she was just 13 in a bid to "satisfy his own sickening urges", a court heard.

The girl was raped twice and told police she was frightened by the "bad vibe" 60-year-old Timblin gave off from the moment she met him, Manchester Evening News reports.

Timblin also subjected another victim to a campaign of violence and sexual degradation from the age of 17, knocking her unconscious with a speaker, stabbing her in the thigh with a knife, and raping her while he was high on amphetamines.

She only found the courage to speak out after years of counselling.

Now justice has finally caught up with Timblin, 60, of Edgeley, Manchester, who targeted the older victim in the early 2000s, before raping the younger victim more than a decade later.

Timblin denied all charges against him in a trial at Minshull Street Crown Court, claiming his accusers were ‘in it together’.

But he was convicted of 13 offences against the two victims, including rape, sexual assault, unlawful wounding and actual bodily harm.

Opening the case against him, prosecutor Henry Blackshaw said: “He is a sexually violent man, significantly older than both of them.”

The trial heard that Timblin was a competitive bodybuilder up until his forties, but in the years since his health has declined and he has suffered two brain haemorrhages.

He was supported throughout the case by family members.

Speaking after Timblin was found guilty of raping her, the youngest victim said in a statement: “It has been a horrific experience having to relive the depravity inflicted on me by Andrew Timblin.

"I’m just thankful he will be prevented from causing the same damage to anyone else’s life for whatever period he remains in prison.”

Sending him down, Judge Jeffrey Lewis said: “I have no doubt whatsoever that each has been affected significantly by your conduct towards her.

"In the case of (the first complainant) by the repeated violence and sexual degradation suffered at your hands and in the case of (the second complainant) your offending was to betray the innocence of her childhood.

"It is to be hoped that she will, in due course, be able to transcend the impact of your offending, take her proper place in the world, and move on.”

Detective Inspector Gina Brennand of GMP’s Stockport borough said: “Timblin is a vile character who preyed on two vulnerable people and brutally attacked them to satisfy his own sickening urges.

“His actions were nothing short of evil and it brings me and the investigation team great satisfaction to be able to say that he has now been brought to justice and given a sentence that reflects his depravity.

“Although what he did to his victims will stay with them for the rest of their lives, I hope that the result here today will bring them some sort of comfort to know that they have helped take a violent predator off the streets.

“This result would not have been possible without them and I would like to pay tribute to them for the phenomenal courage that they have shown in coming forward and assisting the investigation.”

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