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We don't have a date yet but we will post more details as soon as we have them!

Organized by the French Bodybuilding & Fitness Association (AFBBF), chaired by Mr. Mario Valero; the 2017 IFBB World Fitness Championships, held in Biarritz, will be one of the most important international events of the year. Beside the importance to reach the most prestigious title in any sport -to be “Champion of the World”-, this edition will be, as well, the last qualifier event for the 2017 Elite Ranking which means that we will discover the final Top 10 athletes, in Bikini Fitness and Bodyfiness and they will share up to 80.000 euros, in cash prizes.

Biarritz; a beautiful village located at the Southwest of France -20 km to the Spanish border- in front of Cantabric Sea, it´s a a luxurious seaside tourist destination, famous for their buildings, hotels, surfer culture and… casinos! The theatre of the monumental Biarritz Barriere Casino will be the venue site for the event, boosting the prestige of the competition.

AFBBF is already working in all the details and, this week, IFBB Treasurer, Mr. José Ramos visited the place, joining president Mario Valero as a first approach from International Federation, with the goal to publish, in the next coming days, the official Inspection Report.

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