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Along with this combination i would suggest test as your base! Minimum of 300+ a week. Along with any other AAS you are running.

Oxandrolone - (Anavar)
Anavar is a DHT derived steroid that has been structurally altered . Due to its alteration it has been classifies as a C17aa steroid*
Anavar has an anabolic/androgenic Ratio of*322-630:24

Anavar while not a good mass builder shines during a cutting phase and also during a recomp.
Anavars ability to increase nitrogen retention, decrease SHBG and inhibit glucocorticoid hormones such as cortisol allows for a better anabolic environment, provide a higher level of free or unbound testosterone, and allow other steroids to be used more effectively.
Anavar has been shown to enhance muscular endurance, preserve lean muscle tissue, increase strength and to directly promote fatloss. Users should experience muscle hardness and density without any weight gain.

Please remember, Every person will respond slightly different to any one T3 dose! so a T3 dose of say 50mcg for one person might elicit steady fat loss, but that same dose might not elicit the same results for someone else. So please learn what works For You and your body.

T3 has a long half life between 2-3 days. So you only need to dose once each day.
Most male bodybuilders tends to stay between 50-100mcg ed. Even though you will see some going upward of 125-150mcg. Which I do not recommend.

T3 does not discriminate between the different sources being utilized for energy such as protein, carbohydrates, or fats. T3 can be very catabolic. Therefore, it is important to understand if T3 is utilized without anabolic steroids beyond a certain dose,(let say 50mcg) muscle loss can and will occur.
I would recommend taking at least a low to moderate dose of testosterone to keep muscle loss from occurring. Other anabolics can be used such as Var and/winni. Work great along side t3.

Is a great addition to run along side your T3.
Clenbuterol*Hydrochloride is a bronchodilator that is used to treat breathing disorders like asthma in most countries around the world. While itís been extremely successful it has yet to be approved in the U.S.*

Clenbuterol is a powerful thermogenic.

Clenbuterol stimulates the beta 2 receptor.
Clenbuterol stimulates the metabolism by increasing the bodyís temperature.
As the body temperature increases, the individual is now able to burn calories at an enhanced rate.

Clenbuterol is most commonly dosed at 20mcg-120 mcg per day, for a period of 2-8 weeks. Most people use 2weeks on /2weeks off. Or 1week on/1 week off.

You can use an ECA stack (Ephedrine/caffiene/asprin) during your off weeks to help the fat burning progress while you are not using your Clenbuterol.
If you choose to run your clen cycle longer than 2 weeks consecutively, you will need to also use Ketotifen . this will help prevent the desensitization of the beta receptors allowing the clen to remain effective.*
Clen will deplete your taurine levels in the liver. This in turn
Will stop conversion of t4 to t3.
I highly recommend taking 3-5 gr of taurine daily along with 1000mg of potassium.
Make sure to drink between 1-2 gallons of water daily.*
Cramping will be a problem for some people regardless of
Fluid intake and supplementation. Try to avoid taking clen to late in the day . It may cause restlessness. Expect to be Hot and Sweaty all day long.

This combination t3/clen/var along with testosterone will help you preserve muscle and obliterate fat! Especially during a caloric deficit.

Your diet should consist of being high in protein, moderate
Carbs and fat , with little to no sugar.

An example of your first two weeks would look something like this.

Day 1 Clen 40mcg -- T3 50mcg
Day 2 Clen 40mcg -- T3 50mcg
Day 3 Clen 40mcg -- T3 50mcg
Day 4 Clen 60mcg - T3 75mcg
Day 5 Clen 60mcg -- T3 75mcg
Day 6 Clen 60mcg -- T3 75mcg
Day 7 Clen 80mcg -- T3 100mcg
Day 8 Clen 80mcg -- T3 100mcg
Day 9 Clen 80mcg -- T3 100mcg
Day10 Clen 100mcg -- T3 100mcg
Day11 Clen 100mcg -- T3 100mcg
Day12 Clen 100mcg -- T3 100mcg
Day13 Clen 120mcg -- T3 100mcg
Day14 Clen 120mcg -- T3 100mcg
Day15 Clen off - T3 100mcg
Day16 Clen off - T3 100mcg
Day17 Clen off - T3 100mcg
Day18 Clen off - T3 100mcg
Day19 Clen off - T3 100mcg
Day20 Clen off - T3 100mcg
Day21 Clen off - T3 100mcg
Day22 Clen off - T3 100mcg
Day23 Clen off - T3 100mcg
Day24 Clen off - T3 100mcg
Day25 Clen off - T3 100mcg
Day26 Clen off - T3 100mcg
Day27 Clen off - T3 100mcg
Day28 Clen off - T3 100mcg

Then pick back up your clen dose where you left off, or slightly below where you left off. I personally would not go above 120 on your clen dose. Keep your t3 the same.

Also, if the sides are to strong , back down your clen dose until tolerable. Remember everyone is different. This is not set in stone. Adjust your dosage according to what works for you.

There are some questions concerning tapering? !!
There is plenty of information out there that says you should taper your dose. In the paste this is how it has been done.
This is why i only shown 2 week on /2 weeks off. Ive seen it done both ways.
It is unnecessary to slowly taper your T3 dose downwards at the conclusion of a T3 cycle. The common myth was that upon sudden cessation, the thyroid gland can become damaged permanently. This is simply not true . In fact the best course of action is to immediately eliminate all T3 doses at the conclusion of use , to allow the thyroid to restore function ASAP. As long as exogenous thyroid hormones are being administered, the thyroid cannot recover due to the negative feedback loop. This applies even when slowly ramping down Cytomel doses. It is therefore best to cease administration immediately to allow function to restore as soon as possible.

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