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    When should one exercise after eating?

    I read an article which stated that in a person exercises in the
    immediate period after eating, the stomach will not case for the food.
    I don't know the mechanism behind this but when should one resume
    eating after exercise?


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    Re: When should one exercise after eating?

    Usually if I eat a meal I try to give it at least 1-1 1/2 hrs before going to hit up the gym. I cannot eat and go to the gym right after. I feel bloated, lethargic, and nausea if I train hard, can't do it !!! Plus the body is trying to digest the food, so if your training it doesn't give the body a chance to accomplish its job, and for me it makes me feel like crap.
    Either 1- 1 1/2 hrs after a meal or whenever I feel I'm not full anymore !!!
    But everybody's different !!! I know dudes that need to eat before training . I don't get that . My.02 !


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    Re: When should one exercise after eating?

    Yeah, working out on a full stomach is a bad idea. We won't perform well, and we might even stop our digestion.


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    Re: When should one exercise after eating?

    I notice a difference when I wait after eating as well. Definitely lethargic after eating in the morning, but some times, I don't have much of a choice due to work & other things, so I still go to the gym after eating. I prefer to wait an hour or so though.


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    Re: When should one exercise after eating?

    Digestion takes time, this is a common fact, but how much - it depends on what you ate. Even for a glass of water, we need like 5 minutes to process it.
    But, we don't need the full time of digestion to start working out.
    It would be optimum to calculate how mu ch time it is needed for nutrients to absorb.




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