Bodybuilding is really expanding all across the world and American Somoa is no differnt! You may have read our previous post on the subject: Good News for Bodybuilding in the South Pacific!

Well, now there is even bigger news from the South Pacific(Oceania)!


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Another great news for our sport is coming from South Pacific (Oceania), where IFBB Vice-president, Mr. Paul Graham; is leading the progress of Bodybuilding: the American Samoa Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation (SAU IA) has been recognized by its National Olympic Committee (ASNOC).

The American Samoa Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation is a non-profit organization, with the mission to promote and enhance the sport of Bodybuilding in this beautiful island at South Pacific. Fully recognized by IFBB, they host several bodybuilding competitions locally and select their representative participants and teams for international IFBB events.

Congratulations to president, Mr. Peter E. Reid III and all the Bodybuilding and Fitness supporters in the island for their excellent work and this great achievement.

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