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    Exclamation **** major warning - superior counterfeit - pharmacom labs ***


    We have recently seen a poorly made copy of Pharmacom Labs from Latin America but this time it's from UK so most probably they already hit the US and EU market.

    One of our bulk customers in UK has been offered by a third-side supplier allegedly original Pharmacom Labs products. He has been offered samples and made photos for us.
    This time an extremely precise counterfeit of our products. Very few would be able to find differences. Here are some of the photos:

    Cv1y8A6P 1iiuaCCH6 1JvO07dEA 1lckjnOsO 1
    L5HLdvmV 1ztNt0M6d 1h6JLxNe0 1Glv2KlPM 1

    - - - Updated - - -

    xs98Ln5q 1wnzz53NH 1nsgt1csm 12av50uOV 1

    buBK6lQQ 1

    Original boxes are a little bit higher than the fake ones. There are some differences in fonts too as well as color shades and caps used . However, the most important difference is that the fake vials use only strips with codes and our current original vials have codes implemented directly into the label under a scratch-off layer with our logos:

    zfhg5sh7 1

    Fake vials can also have codes, which are verified as genuine in our official site!

    Again, fake vials have codes on strips only. The codes, which we have checked, belong to the early batches, which we launched years ago back in 2014. Someone ordered our products in bulk and took the strips which were supplied with our vials and made multiple copies.

    We think the verification codes will repeat on vials. In this case, when checking the codes on our site, you will see the warning: this code was checked 2 (or 3,4,5,etc.) times before.

    Please purchase only from authorized and licensed distributors!

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    Re: **** major warning - superior counterfeit - pharmacom labs ***

    Seems more and more of a hassle trying to avoid your guy's counterfeiters



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