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    Abdominal exercises for spine health

    The abdominal and back region are one of the most neglected when it comes to exercise. Back and abdominal muscles also called core muscles are part of the supportive framework of the spinal cord and if regularly exercised, can alleviate back pain. A person who is serious about his spinal health will not ignore there exercises including sitting in an upright posture. Anyone who practices such exercises and what does one need?

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    Re: Abdominal exercises for spine health

    We have a family friend who was suspected of scoliosis, a problem with the spine. But her scoliosis is mild and can still be treated by therapy according to the specialist. From what I remember, her daily exercise is the small dumbbell on each hand while sitting in a straight body position just like a cadet. And then she continues the same exercise but lying on the bed, face up. She does that once in the morning and once in the late afternoon. Well, I guess it was effective because after some years, I haven't heard her complain of back problems.

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    Re: Abdominal exercises for spine health

    There is a host me abdominal exercises that you can perform to strengthen your spine. An easy method is shoulder bracing which involves raising your knee to meet your hand for both sides. I also bed that good posture when sitting and a an even bed can do wonders.

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    Re: Abdominal exercises for spine health

    I suffered a spine injurury 20 years ago and I supplemented my diet with magnesium present in nuts, fish, brand, avocados and bananas this helps strengthen the muscles that support the spine. Also consuming a concentrated dose of dark chocolate (70℅ cocoa or higher) which is also high in magnesium promotes back muscle health.
    Doing core exercises that strengthens abs and back muscles.

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    Re: Abdominal exercises for spine health

    Working the abdominal area is pretty common, but working the back muscles is not as common. I asked my personal trainer specific exercises for that though.



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