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    Australian Bodybuilder Joe Pitt

    Name:  Australian bodybuilder Joe Pitt.jpg
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    Let's get some Australian bodybuilders up in the house!

    Here is Joe Pitt from Brisbane!
    Creating a positive environment for yourself, can only lead to positive outcomes
    Here are some of Joe Pitt's bodybuilding stats:
    Weight - 205 – 215lbs
    Height - 6′ (183cm)
    Year of Birth - 1983
    Nationality - Australian
    Profession - Professional bodybuilder, sponsored athlete, personal trainer

    Your action will always determine your outcome… Hard work will always be rewarded
    Change your old habits, and create new healthy and sustainable alternatives
    I wanted to push myself beyond my limits and encourage others to do the same
    Check out Joe Pitt's amazing bodybuilding transformation!
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    When I first really committed to wanting to get in shape, I was in 110% and I never made an excuse as to why I wasn’t able to train, eat right or do cardio
    Here are some of Joe's bodybuilding supplements:
    Whey Protein
    Pre-Work Out
    Fish Oil capsules

    Name:  Australian bodybuilder Joe Pitt.jpg
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    I am product of the lessons I’ve learnt and the people who have taught me

    Here are a few awesome pics of Joe Pitt, amazing Australian bodybuilder!
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    Name:  joe-pitt-australian-bodybuilder.jpg
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    Name:  Australian-bodybuilder-Joe-Pitt.jpg
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    Arnold Schwarzenegger and Frank Zane are the biggest inspirational bodybuilders to Joe!

    You only get out what you put in!

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    Re: Australian Bodybuilder Joe Pitt

    Is Joe still doing shows?

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    Re: Australian Bodybuilder Joe Pitt

    Merry Christmas from Joe Pitt and his family
    From my family to yours
    Name:  Joe-Pitt-bodybuilder.jpg
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    Live For Bodybuilding. Bodybuilding For Life.

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    Re: Australian Bodybuilder Joe Pitt

    I wonder who that lady on his chest is. She looks kind of scary but I am guess there is a lot more to that. Either way it looks like a name to keep an eye on going forward.

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    Re: Australian Bodybuilder Joe Pitt

    Of course Arnold is one of his biggest inspiration.



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