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    Mb4team Transformation Mechanic

    Today got up

    Took t3-20mcg and t4-100mcg mix

    Added another 25mcg of t3

    Took hgh 2.5 iu

    An hour later

    Meal 1

    5 eggs 2 toast wheat

    Took Proviron 50mg

    Meal 2

    Yogurt granola and banana

    Meal 3

    Double meat lean ground beef burger

    Meal 4 pre-workout

    50 grams whey in water

    Meal 5 double meat lean burgers then were homemade in grill yesterday thick thick

    Meal 6

    Shredded wheat cereal and milk

    Workout Chest

    Bench press Warmed up

    Then added then dropped

    Flat bench 2x20




    Incline press


    Started superset with alternating chest press machine 4x8

    Seated pec deck



    Superset with tricep pushdowns


    Ab machine


    Superset with incline flys 4x10 slow

    And another superset with dips body weight 4x10

    Nailed it effortless!!!!

    Gear today

    Test cyp 200 mg MWF

    Deca 200mg MWF

    Trest ace 20mg every day

    Primo e 75mg everyday

    Mast E 250mg 4-5 days a week

    Anadrol 50mg a day

    Proviron 100mg a day

    Nolva 10mg a day

    Aromasin 25mg eod

    Cabar 0.5mg 2x week



    Hgh 5iu a day

    MT2 250mcg 3x wk


    Fish oil 3000mg

    Coq10 100mg

    NAC 1200mg

    Garlic 1000mg

    Triple strength joint supp 2 tabs

    Digestive enzymes 4 chewables with 4 meals

    Photos of today

    Well I will post here until something is fixed !!

    EXCUSE ME BUT I AM HERE TO WIN Mb4team Transformation MechanicMb4team Transformation MechanicMb4team Transformation Mechanic

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    Re: Mb4team Transformation Mechanic

    When my thread is fixed this stuff and views of each and whatnot can be combined but it still won't come out right.

    Am I being a Jerk, prolly but what am I to do. My life is busy and hard right now I have committed to this and I have to post in a different thread.....

    I lost alot of time due to this. And I regret to doing another contest at this point

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    Re: Mb4team Transformation Mechanic

    Can't edit above but that was yesterday.
    Today I will post here.

    Excuse me if I am upset but alot of people can stop going to my thread thinking it's closed as it says!!
    "Closed Thread"
    Just feel I can lose people following as they see "Closed Thread"!!!

    I have alot going on and I can workout, eat and sleep and would this contest or not, but posting in thread takes alot of time.
    Being honest about these aspects of my life are being shared.
    And I am giving a blue print of what I did.
    How i trained, what i ate and how I changed diet and when, what hear and supps I used and when and why with doses of gear and Anicilleries!!!

    Every problem I have in a side effect and how I deal with it or if i adjust something!

    I have had sex issues, the "DECA DICK"
    but from the cause prolactin and was only on tren and hgh affecting prolactin plus on and off my regular meds. Celexa contributed and other meds that increase my dopamine.

    I am just working out atm using lean bulking gear eating sloppy but getting nutrients in, trying to gain a little before u start cut around
    APRIL 22nd. My metabolism high in favor of burning fats putting on muscle before fat I am in ANABOLIC STATE!!!
    Being or getting in ANABOLICS STATE important and with help of gear it is not that hard. Pushing hard during workout and making heart pump and fatigue muscles!!!

    For me getting Anabolic favorable allows me to eat alot more and when I start cut i just change diet slowly.

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    Re: Mb4team Transformation Mechanic

    On my problem with Hands and carpal tunnel syndrome with edema at night.

    I was getting pain that I couldn't sleep with edema swelling in right hand my dominate one much more, in early morning hours.
    After up and movement within an hour swelling and CTS symptoms cleared with no edema.

    So what I did to fix?
    I looked at changes I made.
    I switched to different t3/t4 mix.
    I was on a 50/50 mix, it was 50mcg of each t3 and t4.
    I switched about a week maybe to
    T3 20mcg and T4 100mcg mix (Novothyral)
    2 days now I added 25mcg more of T3 (TiROMEL).


    I went thru this before and it was from using hgh at 5 iu with NO extra thyroid support!!

    I have done ALOT OF RESEARCH
    And hgh and carpal tunnel associated with edema is due to suppressed thyroid or not enough thyroid to match Hgh because we do need a higher metabolism an food to nutrient converter to support hgh and it's affects.

    Some people may have enough natty thyroid function that adjust to hgh at 5iu for example but not likely for anything above 5iu of legit hgh a day.

    Another side effect of hgh is feeling tired and having trouble staying awake around
    2.5 to 3.5 hour peak after using hgh!!
    This is also due to not enough thyroid to match Hgh!!!

    Hypothyroid causes these symptoms without Hgh!!
    And hgh does suppress thyroid function!!

    Wanted to share my problem and that once again around 50mcg t3 a day fixed it with my 5iu a day hgh!!
    Don't know how much t4 i would need 100mcg wasn't cutting it neither 20mcg t3.
    But now 45mcg t3 and 100mcg t4 fixed it immediately!!!

    My Dr is testing my Thyroid Stimulating Hormone in later July with Free T4 levels as well.
    He obviously sees something and the type of hypogondism I was diagnosed with often is within HTPA. Hypothamatic-Pituitary-Thyroid-Axis!!
    I will cycle off thyroid before my blood work and see where I come in.
    The time of my blood work will put me limited to what I can use in Later MAY and JUNE up till the 15th.
    I gotta come in good on Lipids, Liver Function, and everything else on Orders.
    It's in July something I am not saying exactly when and may be giving wrong month as I want my identity concealed and protected!!!!

    Anyway I shared my problem and how I resolved it. And trust me fellas I have researched gear, hgh, etc etc... And how our body works and responds good and bad. I have found the truth rather than one article!!!

    Last edited by Muscle mechanic; 03-20-2018 at 12:24 PM.



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