Extra SUPERCHARGE your brain x 10 (CEMAKC)

As of lately I've been experimenting with Nootropic agents in hopes to amplify my cognitive abilities, mental focus and overall mental stimulation..
I've been utilizing Noopept with good success, and on the other hand I've also included CEMAKC "Semax" for testing and reviewing, especially pre-workout with absolute mind-blowing results..

In my personal opinion, Semax is almost ground braking when it concerns my ability to be in a zone, my focus factor is eminently amplified x 10...My gym sessions seem to almost feel like a video game, each set/rep is almost dialed in like a matrix feeling...Noopept is a great product, but this CEMAKC stands in a class of its own..

To better describe this stuff, it feels almost like you would after a hard,long grueling cardio workout that feeling of floating, sense of well-being, my attitude and self-confidence is increased 10 fold..

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Absolutely amazing stuff...

People, do your research on this stuff, I'm sure you'll find it rather intriguing!

I'm using 6 drops 3 x per nostril pre-workout
I tried with preworkout drinks and without, with preworkout drinks its like a warm fuzzy mental stimulation, great stuff!

(The beauty of it all, PuritySourceLabs.ru Now carries it)

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What is Semax Nootropic Spray?

Semax, also sold in Russia as “Cemakc”, is a heptapeptide nootropic that comes straight out of Russia. In 1982,
researchers at the Institute of Molecular Genetics at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow were trying to treat stroke victims
using nootropic chemical compounds.

After experimenting with Noopept – which is one of the strongest nootropics on the market today –
these researchers came up with an intranasal spray that offers similar effects to Noopept.
The spray and Noopept share a similar chemical makeup and potency.

Like Noopept, Semax stimulates the central nervous system, increasing memory, focus, physical performance,
and analytical skills. It’s also reported to have fewer negative side effects when compared to stimulants
like Adderall, Ritalin, and Ephedrine[/FONT][FONT=Verdana][FONT=&amp].[/FONT]

[/FONT]Semax 0.1 - 45$ o box
Semax 1% -160$ o box

[FONT=Arial]Condition: [FONT=inherit]New product[/FONT][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial][FONT=inherit][FONT=inherit]Supplier: Russia only
Comes In: 3 ml vial 0.1 %
Dosage: 3-5 drops to nose /day
Active time: 10 hours
Class: neurotransmitter
[FONT=inherit][FONT=inherit]keep in the refrigerator[/FONT][/FONT]

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