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Looking back at the night he earned his pro card, it’s almost as if the person who walked out of the 2008 NPC Nationals was Gaetano Cisternino and the monster that took his place is simply known as Guy. The transformation is amazing and he has improved from year-to-year and even show-to-show, culminating in what is shaping up to be a banner 2014 for him.

Cisternino always had promise, even when he was one-third of the Brat Pack, along with Evan Centopani and P.J. Braun. But it appears that the 5’5”, 210-pound New Jersey native is coming into his own at just the right time to give Flex Lewis a run for his money at the upcoming 212 Olympia Showdown.

After taking a year off to put on some size, Cisternino made quite the impression in his maiden IFBB voyage, finishing in the top-six at both the 2010 Europa Battle of Champions and Supershow. The following year, the powerhouse competitor took second at the Jacksonville Pro and won the Europa Supershow, earning an Olympia qualification in the process. Although he didn’t fare as well in Las Vegas (13th), Cisternino gained some valuable experience.

Fast forward to 2012 and the mighty Italian placed fifth in practically his own backyard at the prestigious New York Pro and fourth at the Toronto Pro before heading back to the Olympia and shaving his placing more or less in half, taking a very respectful seventh. After that, Cisternino finished fourth at the Sheru Classic but had an off night at the British Grand Prix, placing 12th.

Last year was a steady one for him, as Cisternino was the runner-up at the Wings of Strength, matched his Olympia spot and was third at the Europa Phoenix Pro. Which brings us to 2014, where so far Cisternino has won both the Europa Supershow and Toronto Pro and was barely edged out by Aaron Clark at the New York Pro.

Although he has faced some stiff competition over the years, Cisternino’s biggest test will be at the Orleans Arena when he is pitted against the likes of not only the aforementioned defending champion Lewis, but also David henry, Jose Raymond, Eduardo Correa, Sami Al Haddad and Clark, as well as the others who will qualify between now and then either via a win or accumulated points.

At the rate he is going, Cisternino may in fact jump up a few spots and squeeze into the top three. He should at least find himself in the pose down and have a shot at hearing his name called to pick up a check. But at only 32 years of age, Cisternino can become a force to be reckoned with for years to come in the 212 and under division.

And be sure to address him as ‘Guy’ when announcing his name as the winner, please.


2014 Toronto Pro – 1st
2014 New York Pro – 2nd
2014 Europa Supershow – 1st
2013 Europa Phoenix Pro – 3rd
2013 Olympia – 7th
2013 Wings of Strength – 2nd
2012 British Grand Prix – 12th
2012 Sheru Classic – 4th
2012 Olympia – 7th
2012 Toronto Pro – 4th
2012 New York Pro – 5th
2011 Olympia – 13th
2011 Europa Supershow – 1st
2011 Jacksonville Pro – 2nd
2010 Europa Supershow – 5th
2010 Europa Battle of Champions – 6th

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