With any of the dry DHT campgrounds you get that ache in the joints or just a little discomfort from being dry, on a cut and down right pissed because you havenít had a carb or simple sugar all day. But, if you get it all right with E and diet and training you can really find that sweet spot that makes you look like gold. Cut lean and chiseled.

My question you you guys is simple. When youíre on a DHT and doing a cut how do you like your rep range? How do you change you workouts to repair for the possibility of stiff joints or do you change anything at all?

For me this is what I like to do. I go heavy with some wet stuff and keep rep ranges low and focus on compound movements and keep the emphasis on heavy. Then when I introduce the dry compound I increase rep range and focus more on accessory lifts. Kinda like a deload. Iíll even throw in some CrossFit crap just to confuse the muscles.

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