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    Healthy Refreshing Coconut Juice

    Coconut Juice is a good detox drink, it prevents heart disease, kidney stones, and is a good drink that can help diabetes patients. It has antioxidant properties and is a great rehydration drink during and after heavy physical labor and or exercise.

    Coconut juice is similar to blood and there are many cases here in the Philippines during world war 2 that medics used it as IV as a blood replacement.

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    Re: Healthy Refreshing Coconut Juice

    They used coconut water as blood?

    It's ok but full of sugar.

    The musclemecca bodybuilding news guy

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    Re: Healthy Refreshing Coconut Juice

    I think the soldiers used coconut juice as dextrose to hydrate the injured soldiers. The physician in our family said that coconut juice is good for the kidneys and bladder because it cleanses the body of toxin. Drinking coconut juice every day can prevent the formation of kidney stones.

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    Re: Healthy Refreshing Coconut Juice

    I think water is better.

    The musclemecca bodybuilding news guy

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    Re: Healthy Refreshing Coconut Juice

    I drink it every now and then mainly when Iíve and sweating a lot out the sun. I have stones so Iíll look into it but I still believe nothing is better than lots and lots of good olí H2O



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