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By Joe Pietaro

We haven't even reached Christmas yet but fans of the Iron Game have already been given a present with today's release of the competitors lists for the 2015 Arnold Classic. While all of the categories are filled with names at the top of their game, the 14 vying for the title in men's open bodybuilding.

Two former - and multiple - winners are on the list, as are some younger talent looking to put their names into the next level by winning the second most prestigious show on the IFBB calendar (following the Mr. Olympia, of course).

Here are the bodybuilders that you should expect to see squaring off in the pose down come March:

DEXTER JACKSON - The Blade is ageless and won this show in 2013, 2008, 2006 and 2005. Can he make it a fifth Arnold Classic at 45? Absolutely, and probably will.

BEN PAKULSKI - Pak Man was moving up in this show until last year when he fell to seventh place. Pakulski was Jackson's runner-up in 2013 and fourth in 2012. If he can ever get his upper body to match his lower, watch out!

BRANCH WARREN - The Texas Rattlesnake won two consecutive Arnold Classics (2011 and 2012) and while his best days are clearly behind him, Warren did quite well for himself last year with two sixth place finsihes (Arnold, Olympia) and winning the Dallas Europa.

JUSTIN COMPTON - Keep your eye on this behemoth as he is headed for greatness. Will it come this early for him? A decent placing in his first Arnold will be a springboard for the 2014 Europa Orlando champion.

EVAN CENTOPANI - It was just a few years ago that Centopani was in a similar position as Compton is now. He exploded onto the scene with victories at the 2009 New York Pro and 2011 FLEX Pro. The Trumbull, Connecticut native then placed fourth at his first Arnold and jumped up a spot the following year. But he has not been able to repeat his early success and dropped to fifth here a year ago. Will the real Evan Centopani please stand up? We say he does well for himself in Columbus.

LIONEL BEYEKE- The Frenchman has had an up and down career so far and hasn't cracked the top three in his last six shows. So much potential for Beyeke and if he ever can get his conditioning dialed in, he will bring home bigger winner's checks than he has so far.

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