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By Joe Pietaro

Cedric McMillan is an enigma. The former United States Army instructor has had moments of glory when he appeared to be destined for greatness, and then there have been times when he seems as if he was not totally committed to the sport.

His next opportunity to prove the naysayers wrong will be at the upcoming Arnold Classic, a show that he has had success at in the past.

McMillan finished in third place a year ago and sixth in 2013, so he has been able to hold his own in the second most prestigious contest on the IFBB yearly calendar.

But then again, Bic Mac won the 2012 New York Pro and fell out of the top 10 in two other appearances in the Big Apple showcase. So it is basically a crapshoot when it comes to McMillan.

He only competed once in 2014 at that was at the Arnold. In his lone Olympia in 2013, McMillan was way over matched and placed 12th.

Perhaps the most puzzling moment in McMillan's career came at the inaugural Arnold Classic Brazil in 2013 when he arrived in great shape and was easily the favorite to win the contest. But he was not present at the athlete's meeting when head judge Lee Thompson called his name to hand out his badge number. He was given 15 minutes to arrive and when he did not make it, Thompson disqualified him. McMillan arrived approximately 30 minutes later, but the decision had already been made. Brandon Curry went on to take first place.

So the fans will be waiting to see which McMillan comes to Columbus. Will it be the shredded beast with the aesthetic look or the one that is out of condition and soft?

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