"I'm back in the gym full force."

11 years since his last competition, Kevin Levrone has gotten the bug once again. On a recently posted video on RX Muscle, Dave Palumbo interviews the 48-year-old at the FIBO in Germany and some very interesting news came out as a result.

Levrone - who has delved into other ventures in his post-bodybuilding career such as acting and music - has been training hard again and is injury-free.

"It could be the greatest bodybuilding comeback of all time," the Maryland Muscle Machine told Palumbo.

He is going to put some time into thinking this thing out and added that if he can put some quality size back on, he may in fact give it another shot at a Sandow.

Levrone was an Olympia runner-up on four occasions, including his last contest in 2002. So there is still a fire burning inside him to finish the job.

He said that he will keep his progress to himself and ascertain where he stands once things begin falling into place. If he did want to go for it, he would have to qualify by winning a show before the Olympia.

But while it may seem preposterous that a soon-to-be 50-year-old can have a shot against the likes of reigning champion Phil Heath (possibly by 2016), Levrone has incredible genetics that respond well to training and was always known for his V-taper.

Who knows? With the recent comments from Arnold Schwarzenegger about the distended bellies on the top IFBB pros and the criteria of judging, seeing Levrone finally standing in the winner's circle doesn't seem as crazy, after all.

Written by Joe Pietaro

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