World in turmoil
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    World in turmoil

    These days the world just seems to be in a state of disarray. We see illicit relationships, teen-related massacres, sodomy, child pornography, and other things that were deemed to be unimaginable before. It's like people have already lost their own souls even when they are still alive on earth. In addition to the human factor, nature also seems to be having her share of insanities: earthquakes almost on a daily basis, volcanic eruptions such as in Hawaii, massive floodings, heavy rains, etc. We ask ourselves: Why all these? Where are we heading? Worst, I have seen in many forums the apparent losing of one's faith in God, which probably aggavates the whole thing. Perhaps its about time that we take a hard look on ourselves and set our bearings aright, remembering that God is still in control because all these are his creations in the first place. We need to have a change of heart for the better before we become entangled without even our knowing it.

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    Re: World in turmoil

    Just recently in Japan, there was a great flooding unseen in their history. The Japanese even call it apocalyptic flooding and you will see in the videos that waters came in rampaging houses and cars along its path. People were on their roofs waiting for rescue and many seems to be in unhealthy conditions, shivering from the cold and afraid for their lives. We wonder in awe what is really happening to our world because we experience two extremes: very hot and cold temperatures like never before. If it was only climate change then why two climate states?

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    Re: World in turmoil

    There are unprecendented floodings in major parts of the world today. Just recently India was hit by floods as well as Japan and Turkey. There are also wildfires hapenning in parts of the USA and in Europe like Greece and Portugal. These catastrophes have never been seen before and people seems to have much difficulty coping with it. When will people get to realize that there is a religious dimension to all these and nature seems to be telling us to men our lives.

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    Re: World in turmoil

    You are right, but what's happening right now is all change. That is just how life is and the saying that goes 'Nothing lasts forever' applies. We can never know what the future holds in store for us. Would we experience more changes in nature, weather, society, religion? No one really knows the answers to that.

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    Re: World in turmoil

    I watch the news once a week when I visit the family and even that amount of news makes depressed. I think nature will have its cause, humans in another hand breaches the laws of nature unsessently.



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