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Arms today

Starting to get moving in the gym with pumps and energy keeping tempo strong too.

Palms in pull ups 1x20 1x16 1x15 2x10
Preacher seat curls 5x20
Standing dumbbell hammer curls 5x20
Elbows out hammers on cables with rope 5x25
Tricep extensions 1x10 1x15 1x16 1x20 1x8 (drop sets but I didnít have the gas on the last set)
Behind the back tricep extensions with cable and rope 5x20
Seated tricep machine 3x20
Dumbbell tricep kick backs 5x20
Wrist rolls 5x20

Food was same as day before
Going grocery shopping tomorrow so Iíll skip the gym. Gotta get back to my usual choices so looking forward to that.

No gear today
Hgh 3iu
Great workout @maj79

Keep killing it.