2018 Diamond Cup Romania
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    2018 Diamond Cup Romania

    Tiger Classic - Diamond Cup ROMANIA

    Bucharest, 7-9 September 2018

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    Re: 2018 Diamond Cup Romania

    We are proud to present the 12th edition of the Tiger Classic, as the IFBB Diamond Cup Romania event!
    ALL the IFBB-affiliated National Federations from Europe are very welcome to Bucharest!
    LOCATION: Bucharest (Capital city of Romania),
    OFFICIAL DATE: The IFBB Tiger Classic – DIAMOND CUP ROMANIA will be held on Saturday –
    September 8th and Sunday – September 9th, 2018.
    Official Athlete Registration is on Friday, September 7th, 2018.
    VENUE: Teatrul Tineretului (Youth Theatre), Bulevardul Tineretului No. 8-10, București 040353
    There, athletes will find a big & wide stage, with a great backstage!
    There are numerous recommended hotels in the area, which you can choose from. We have reached agreements
    with some hotels, such as:
    • EUROPA ROYALE BUCHAREST**** https://www.europaroyalebucharest.com/
    • HILTON GARDEN INN**** http://hiltongardeninn3.hilton.com/e...IGI/index.html
    • RIN GRAND HOTEL**** http://grand.rinhotels.ro/
    HOTEL RAZVAN*** https://hotelrazvan.com/en/
    HOTEL TRANZZIT*** http://www.hoteltranzzit.ro/en/
    There are many international conferences and
    meetings held in Bucharest every weekend, so
    hotels may be booked up quickly.
    TAXI: we strongly recommand BLACK CAB Company, official partner Tiger Classic
    BUS: express line 783 (13 bus stops) → 21 Dec.1989 Station → bus 381 (3 bus stops) → Teatrul
    Tineretului/Palatul National al Copiilor (Venue location)
    Registration and weight in will take place Friday, Sept. 7th, from 12:00 to 19:00 hrs. at Venue location:
    All athletes will have to produce their Passports & IFBB International Cards at the registration. Any athlete who has not yet purchased or renewed his/her IFBB International Card will have to buy one at registration. IFBB Cards are EUR 30 and are mandatory.
    At IFBB Tiger Classic – Diamond Cup Romania, will not be accepted any direct registration from athletes, as these must be processed by their respective IFBB-affiliated National Federations.
    Final Entry Forms with athletes names and categories will only be considered if they are sent by the National Federation of the athlete and directly to IFBB Head Office in Madrid and IFBB Technical Committee. The final decision to allow an athlete to compete in this event rests with the IFBB.
    You will receive your tags or wrist band for athletes and coaches at the registration. All athletes must wear their posing attire during weight-in for inspection. Female competitors must also bring their shoes for inspection. Posing attire and Tanning must be in accordance with the IFBB rules. Any Tanning which can be wiped off is not allowed.
    The IFBB registration fees are as follows:
    Registration fee for each category is EUR € 200. If wishing to compete in the second category (junior or master), the additional fee of EUR € 100 will be charged.
    Fees have to be paid in advance by credit/debit card or PayPal at IFBB webpage:
    http://www.ifbb.com/competition-registration , for your best comfort and convenience. Please add your name during online payment and bring a copy of your payment confirmation to the Registration.
    If paying at the Registration in Bucharest an extra fee of EUR € 50 per participant will be charged.
    The deadline date to do the online payment is August 27th, 2018 (Monday). On August 27th, 24:00 hrs (midnight- Central European Summer Time, UTC +2) the online payment system will be switched off.
    Friday, 07.09.2018, from 12:00 to 19:00 hrs
    EXPO and Championships: Saturday, 08.09.2018, from 10:00 to 19:00 hrs
    EXPO and Championships: Sunday, 09.09.2018, from 10:00 to 18:00 hrs
    The contest is open for all IFBB/EBFF-affiliated National Federations from Europe. The number of
    participating athletes is unlimited. Online Pre-Registration of athletes will only be considered if they are recommended by the National Federation of the athlete by sending the Final Entry Form with their names directly to the Organizing Committee, to the IFBB Technical Committee and IFBB Head Office in Madrid not later than August 27th, 2018 (Monday).
    The final decision to allow an athlete to compete in this event rests with the IFBB. Please be aware that it is FULL RESPONSIBILITY AND OBLIGATION OF THE NATIONAL FEDERATION to verify if each one of the athletes to be registered on this international event are NOT suspended or fulfilling any period of ineligibility due to Anti-Doping Rule Violation or any disciplinary case at national or international level.
    It is also the FULL OBLIGATION AND RESPONSIBILITY of a National Federation to MONITOR ALL THE ATHLETES affiliated to this National Federation who are actually fulfilling a period of ineligibility due to AntoDoping Rule Violation or any Disciplinary case, to make sure these athletes WILL NOT REGISTER/COMPETE/ OR PARTICIPATE IN ANY CAPACITY in any event either at National or international level, Official or Invitational.
    We strongly encourage you to register early and make the appropriate arrangements to
    compete in this 12th Edition of the IFBB Tiger Classic – Diamond Cup Romania!
    The organizing committee will have a desk in the Venue location on September 7th-9h, 2018.
    Athletes participating at Tiger Classic will be given a goodie bag and the wristband at the Official Athlete Registration run on Friday, September 7th, 2018. This wristband has to be worn during your whole stay, will allow you in and out of the backstage area, and should not be removed.
    Acces in the competition hall will be permitted only for tickets hoders available in that day!
    All the costs for traveling, hotel accommodations, transport from and to the airport and meals are the
    responsibilities of the National Federations or individual athletes. Check with your National Federation for more information.
    Each of the participating national federations may nominate IFBB International judges! To be taken into consideration during selection of judges panels at the competition, IFBB International Judges must be included in the Final Entry Forms sent by National Federations, according to the IFBB Rules. For more information, please contact Mr. Pawel Filleborn, Chairman of the IFBB Judges Committee, under address: pawelfilleborn@gmail.com
    All international judges must bring their 2018 valid International Judge Card to Bucharest. The yearly judge fee for 2018 of EUR 50 may also be paid at the IFBB Tiger Classic – Diamond Cup Romania.
    To be taken into consideration during selection of judges panels at the competition, IFBB International Judges must be included in the Final Entry Forms sent by National Federations, according to the IFBB Rules.
    All judges must be present at the Team Managers and Judges Meeting. Any judge absents at this Meeting, will not be allowed to judge at these Championships. If any of the above conditions hasn’t been met, judges will be unable to carry out their duties.
    The Team Managers & Judges Meeting will start at 20:00 hrs on Friday, September 07th, 2018 in the venue.
    For more information, please contact Mr. Alexandru Badea, General Secretary of The Romanian Bodybuildingand Fitness Federation, under address: secretariat@frcf.ro
    All posing music must be on CD audio/MP3 only. The posing music must also be at the start of the CD. Each competitor must affix his name on the CD for easy identification. The use of profane, vulgar and offensive language is strictly prohibited in the posing music.
    All media accreditation, including local media, shall be controlled by the IFBB. All professionals wishing to obtain media accreditation for this event must register with the IFBB by e-mail at tigersportsfestival@gmail.com no later than September 1st, 2018.
    Access to the backstage and/or dressing room areas shall be strictly limited to essential personnel only. Only official Delegates/Trainers possessing the Backstage Pass will be allowed to enter the backstage area. These passes will be also on sale on Friday, September 7th, 2018 at the Athlete Registration area.
    Please NOTE: There will be a limited number of extra Backstage Passes, available at the Official Athlete Registration which can be purchased for 25 € /each person. This pass will allow the holder to go in and out of the venue during the weekend and will give access ONLY in backstage allocated seating area. This pass (wristband) has to be worn during your whole stay!
    Camera and/or video recording equipment shall be strictly prohibited in the backstage and/or dressing room areas except when used by authorized media representatives, and in any event, these devices shall be strictly prohibited in dressing room areas.
    Bucharest is in the South-Est European Time zone (UTC +2 hour – in summer).
    Using the milder isotherm of 0 °C (32 °F) for the coldest month, Bucharest has a humid continental climate Dfa. Using the −3 °C (27 °F) isotherm, instead, the climate is crossover between continental and the extreme varieties of warm oceanic and cool subtropical.
    In summer, the average temperature is 23 °C (73 °F) (the average for July and August). Temperatures frequently reach 35 to 40 °C (95 to 104 °F) in midsummer in the city centre. Although
    average precipitation and humidity during summer are low, occasional heavy storms occur. During spring and autumn, daytime temperatures vary between 17 and 22 °C (63 and 72 °F), and precipitation during spring tends to be higher than in summer, with more frequent yet milder periods of rain.
    The national currency in Romania is Romanian Leu (RON) . 1 EUR = 4,65 lei as for July 2018.
    All major credit cards are widely accepted at most major hotels, department stores and restaurants.
    The voltage in Romania is 230 V, 50 Hz, and the plugs/outlets are the standard round two-prong Euro-plug (type C and F) used in most European countries (not UK or Ireland).
    Detailed info at: https://www.worldstandards.eu/electr...s-and-sockets/
    A valid passport is required to enter Romania. EU country citizens do not need to obtain a visa. All other countries should consult the Romanian Embassy in their country to determine if they need a visa. An Official Letter of Invitation will be made available if required. It is National Federations responsibility to obtain an entry visa for the country organizing the championship. All National Federations could ask for an Invitation letter either to the Championship Organizer or IFBB. The invitation letter does not mean you are granted your visa.
    IFBB and Championship organizer are not responsible of attendant’s visas. To receive invitation letter, the applicant should forward the following information to the IFBB or Championship organizer a copy (scan) of his/her passport.
    If the visa is not granted, the Cancellation Policies for the championship will still apply. An athlete, who requested and received an invitation from the IFBB Head Office or the Organizing, Committee
    of an IFBB sanctioned event for visa purposes and used this visa to unlawful stay in the host country or any other country, will be subjected to the disciplinary proceedings and measures.
    The relevant National Federation is responsible to carefully control the proper, legal use of the visa by its athlete and it will be subjected to a fine and/or a suspension, in case of any misuse and/or unlawful utilization of the same visa.
    IFBB Tiger Classic – Diamond Cup Romania is arranged according to the rules set by the IFBB, EBFF and FRCF.
    Bikini Fitness – IFBB ELITE PRO CARD for the OVERALL WINNER
    Up to 162 cm | up to 169 cm | over 169 cm
    Bodyfitness – IFBB ELITE PRO CARD for the OVERALL WINNER
    Up to 163 cm | over 163 cm
    Wellness Fitness – one open class
    Master Women Bikini-Fitness (>35 years old) – one open class
    Bodybuilding – IFBB ELITE PRO CARD for the OVERALL WINNER
    Up to 70 kg | up to 80 kg | up to 90 kg | over 90 kg
    Classic Bodybuilding* – IFBB ELITE PRO CARD for the OVERALL WINNER
    Up to 175 cm | over 175 cm
    Men´s Physique – IFBB ELITE PRO CARD for the OVERALL WINNER
    Up to 173 cm | up to 179 cm | over 179 cm
    Muscular Men´s Physique
    Up to 175 cm | over 175 cm
    Games Classic Bodybuilding – one open class
    Classic Physique – one open class
    JUNIOR´S CATEGORIES (16 – 23 years old)
    Men´s Physique
    Up to 178 cm | over 178 cm
    Bodybuilding – one open class
    MASTER’S CATEGORIES (>40 years old)
    Classic Bodybuilding* – one open class
    Bodybuilding – one open class
    Men´s Physique – one open class
    *Maximum bodyweight limits [in kg] for Classic Bodybuilding:
    Up to & incl. 168 cm:
    Max Weight [kg] = (Height [cm] – 100) + 0 [kg]
    Up to & incl. 171 cm
    Max Weight [kg] = (Height [cm] – 100) + 2 [kg]
    Up to & incl. 175 cm
    Max Weight [kg] = (Height [cm] -100) + 4 [kg]
    Up to & incl. 180 cm
    Max Weight [kg] = (Height [cm] -100) + 6 [kg]
    Over 180 cm:
    a) over 180 cm up to & incl. 190 cm:
    Max Weight [kg] = (Height [cm] -100) + 8 [kg]
    b) over 190 cm up to & incl. 198 cm:
    Max Weight [kg] = (Height [cm] – 100) + 9 [kg]
    c) over 198 cm:
    Max Weight [kg] = (Height [cm] – 100) + 10 [kg]
    Minimum number of competitors to run a category should be 5.
    If less than 5 athletes, categories will be combined, wherever
    possible. If less than 5 athletes in a category, no points will be
    awarded to the IFBB World Ranking.
    Goodie bag and official T-shirt (at the registration) & participation medals for all athletes.
    Top three athletes in each category will be awarded with custom medals, trophies, certificates, nutritional supplements.
    Top six athletes in each category will be awarded with certificates, nutritional supplements.
    Overall in each discipline will have a trophy.
    Top 5 athletes in Men’s & Women senior categories will be awarded points to the 2018 IFBB World Ranking according to the World Ranking Rules.
    Top 3 National Teams will receive a trophy.
    The best gym/club from Romania will receive a trophy, for the results of their athletes!
    Top 3 bikini – fitness categories will have the chance to be promoted with professional photos & interviews inthe Forma She Fitness magazine.
    Top 3 athletes from each category, will win a photo session, awarded by XmediaStudio.
    5 senior overall categories will be awarded with the IFBB Elite Pro Card (after application through their National Federation): Bikini Fitness, Bodyfitness, Bodybuilding, Classic Bodybuilding and Men´s
    The IFBB has banned all tans that can be wiped off. An official will check the tan of all athletes backstage and if the tan comes off by simply wiping, the athlete will be told to remove the tan before going on stage.
    The Tanning Teams will be offering Tanning, Hair and Makeup Services at the Venue location (in backstage area), Friday to Sunday between 10.00 – 18.00.
    More details & prices about tanning, hair and makeup services will be available soon on the official website tigerclassic.ro: http://www.tigerclassic.ro/event/tanning/
    XmediaStudio: http://www.xms.ro/ , Mr. Valentin Ciuca: +40721 249 845 / +40762 117 887
    Mr. Eugen Golumbeanu http://eggostudio.com/
    Please send your Final Entry Form no later than Monday, August 27th, 2018 to:
    IFBB Technical Committee
    Eng. Andrew Michalak
    E-mail: amichalak5@gmail.com
    Romanian Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation:
    Mr. Alexandru Badea,
    E-mail: secretariat@frcf.ro
    • Please send a copy to the International Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation Head Office
    Ms. Diana Mozos
    E-mail: info@ifbb.com
    At the IFBB Tiger Classic – Diamond Cup Romania only athletes who are approved and registered by their IFBB affiliated National Federations will be allowed to compete.
    Entries should be made through National Federations!
    Romania’s geographical position in Europe
    With an area of 238,391 square kilometers (91843 square miles), Romania is located in the SE of Central Europe, more exactly, in the north of Balkan Peninsula. Romania lies between 43 ° 37 ’07”and 48 ° 15′ 06” north latitude and 20 ° 15 ’44”and 29 ° 41′ 24”east longitude. Parallel 45 ° (midway between the Equator and North Pole) crosses Romania 70 km north of the capital and meridian 25 ° east longitude (midway between the Atlantic coast and the Urals) runs 90 km west of Bucharest.
    The climate in Romania’s capital is specific, temperate-continental. There are specific seasons, winter, spring, summer and autumn. Winters are relatively mild in Bucharest with little snow and relatively high temperatures, while in recent years, summers are very hot, very hot (high temperature up to 45 degrees in the shade) and little precipitation. This causes temperature differences winter – summer will be up to 60 degrees.
    The landscape
    For those that visited Romania, they can say that nature was very generous with this land, giving not only varied landscape but also well distributed, with towering mountains, plains, Black Sea and beyond. The landscape is arranged in three major levels which are very well-differentiated: the highest representatives are the Carpathian Mountains, the middle are SubCarpathians and hills and plateaus, and the lowest one of the plains are the rivers and Delta.
    Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is a beautiful city and welcome you to enjoy it to the fullest.
    On behalf of our entire team, WELCOME!
    The settlement was documented on 20 September 1459 in an act of Vlad Tepes (The Impaler), ruler of Romanian, which strengthens an estate of nobles.
    In 1862, after Wallachia and Moldavia were united to form the Principality of Romania, Bucharest became the new nation’s capital city. In 1881, it became the political centre of the newly proclaimed Kingdom of Romania under King Carol I. During this period, gas lighting, horse-drawn trams, and limited electrification were introduced. The extravagant architecture and cosmopolitan high culture of this period won Bucharest the nickname of “Little Paris” (Micul Paris) of the east, with Calea Victoriei as its Champs-Élysées.
    After decades of neglect, major infrastructure renovation works have breathed new life into Bucharest’s Old Town. Many of its superb period buildings have been refurbished or restored, while others, whose beauty contrasts sharply with their state of degradation, are still waiting for their time.
    Nevertheless, the historic architecture, the old churches, the outdoor terraces and cafés and the romantic feel make the Old Town a most enticing area of the city.
    ✓ September 7th, 2018 (Friday): Arrivals
    12:00 – 19:00 – Registration & weight-in, at the Venue location
    14.00 – 18.00 – Seminar – by FRCF, at the Venue location (open for trainers and referees)
    18.00 – 20.00 – Seminar – presented by Mr. Lars Milsten, IFBB ELITE PRO judge & IFBB
    Muscle&Health magazine, at the Venue location
    20:00 – Team Managers and Judges Meeting, at the Venue location
    ✓ September 8th, 2018 (Saturday) from 12:00 to 19:00 hrs – Prejudging & Finals for categories:
    – Juniors Men’s Bodybuilding
    – Men’s Classic Bodybuilding
    – Masters Men’s Bodybuilding
    – Juniors Men’s Physique
    – Women’s Bikini-Fitness
    – Games Classic Bodybuilding
    – Men’s Physique
    – Masters Men’s Physique
    – Masters Men’s Classic Bodybuilding
    ✓ September 9th, 2018 (Sunday) from 13:00 to 18:00 hrs – Prejudging & Finals for categories:
    – Woman’s Wellness Fitness
    – Men’s Bodybuilding
    – Masters Men’s Bodybuilding
    – Women Bodyfitness
    – Muscular Men’s Physique
    – Master Women Bikini-Fitness
    – Classic Physique
    20.00 – AFTER PARTY for athletes and officials.
    IFBB Official
    Federatia Romana de Culturism și Fitness
    Tiger Classic

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    Re: 2018 Diamond Cup Romania

    We are proud to announce, that thanks to our MAIN SPONSOR - DY Nutrition, Dorian & Gal Yates will be again at the IFBB Tiger Classic - DIAMOND CUP ROMANIA !
    Their seminar will be organised Friday, September 7th - 15.00, at Tiger Classic' Venue location!

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    Re: 2018 Diamond Cup Romania

    antonio primiceri, from italy won bodybuilding classic.

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