By Joe Pietaro for musclemecca

The 2016 Mr. Olympia contest will rightfully be remembered for Phil Heath winning his sixth consecutive Sandow and also for the comeback of Kevin Levrone. "The Gift" may have looked his very best and easily topped a very formidable and deep line-up. Levrone may not have placed, but won the hearts of bodybuilding fans everywhere by getting on stage at the age of 52 after a 13-year absence.

Other veterans like Shawn Rhoden, Dexter Jackson, Big Ramy and Roelly Winklaar came to play, as well, and were very formidable opponents. But there were a number of other competitors - some in the maiden Olympia voyage - who made their mark and showed that this particular show may very well be one that will eventually be viewed as 'the changing of the guard.'

William Bonac finished in fifth place, but could have easily leapfrogged one or two competitors to walk out of the Orleans Arena with a bigger check. The third time was a charm for Bonac, who previously placed 15th in 2014 and eighth a year later.

Another improvement from the 2015 Olympia was Dallas McCarver, who went from 13th to eighth. The youngster has had his name bantered back-and-forth as a potential winner of this show one day and he did quite well for himself here.

A trio of bodybuilders breaking their Olympia cherry also made quite an impression in Las Vegas. Josh Lenartowicz (ninth), Justin Compton (10th) and Nathan De Asha (12th) all were impressive and heard the loud ovations from the fans in attendance. In De Asha's case, he deserved better than 12th but may have been overlooked in such a steep line-up.

There will come a day when the staples of the division retire from competition and with so much young talent ready to take their place, the IFBB has a bright future ahead in what is usually an awkward transitional period.[/INDENT]

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