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Less than a month away, the Arnold Classic - also known as the Arnold Sports Festival if you are of the particular sort - will be here before we know it and this year's carnation is a little more special than the previous ones. The show is still widely considered the second most prestigious event on the IFBB annual calendar; that has not changed. But with the absence of the Iron Man Pro, FLEX Pro and Kevin Levrone Classic, the first pro show of the year will in fact take place in Columbus, Ohio.

In a perfect world, the IFBB would have preferred to not have that be the case. The Arnold will always attract the largest crowd of the year, more for the humongous sprawling expo than the actual competitions. Either way, turnout is always expected to be very high.

But when there was a show in January or February to kick things off on the pro circuit, it would have that attraction going for it, even if the line-up was not of the top tier variety. So to have the Arnold be the leadoff hitter, if you will, is not conducive, business-wise. It's akin to hosting a Monday Night Football game against your top division rival. Either would draw a packed house so it's better to not double up.

But that will not matter much when the prejudging begins.

Game on...

The Arnold Classic

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