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Either on face value or by reading into it, the Olympia special invite extended from Jim Manion to Kai Greene is an intriguing aspect, to say the least. The IFBB president has everything to gain and nothing to lose by doing so and in comparison, Greene has much to lose and only one thing - albeit a monstrous one, at that - to gain.


This is an ingenious public relations move by Manion. Greene is by far the people's champion and no matter how hard everyone tries, Phil Heath just cannot endear himself to the fanbase. "The Gift" is an amazing bodybuilder and is racking up Sandow after Sandow, but still cannot win the hearts and minds of the bodybuilding faithful.

And by being a perennial bridesmaid at bodybuilding's marquee event, "The Predator" is the underdog with all the support. Greene has proven himself time and time again as the second best bodybuilder in the world and only lacks an Olympia to complete the set. But he is not getting any younger and his reluctance to compete in Las Vegas the past two years - and not even giving an exact reason why - makes this an even muddier situation.

This year's contest lacks any mystery or story line without Greene. So Manion is looking to bring in Heath's only real competition.


Although he has not come out and said it, it's obvious that Greene's issues with the Olympia lie with its promoters, his former employer AMI/FLEX. Since he as competed in multiple Arnold Classics and won them all, it's blatantly apparent that the IFBB is not the reason for Greene staying away from the desert in September. So this is a major hurdle that will need to be cleared.

Even if Greene wants to compete, will he have enough time to prep properly? This special invite comes at an odd time, where he does have enough weeks ahead to do it but will he be satisfied with what he can do in three months as opposed to a full year?

If Greene takes the stage and places anywhere lower than a close second, he will have gambled and lost. He either has to win for be in the argument; third place is akin to last for him at this stage of his career.


Greene will not accept the invite to the 2017 Mr. Olympia and never will see the Olympia stage again.

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