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    How many days a week do you lift weights when you hit the gym

    I feel that now that I have grown older, I like to train a couple of times a week because of overtraining. I think progression is faster this way, than a program that really grinds things out, and my joints seem to love it as well. Your body has 5 days to heal this way and the other two days you can go at the weights like a madman. How many days do you train, lifting weights during the week and why?

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    Re: How many days a week do you lift weights when you hit the gym

    I train 5 days a week. (when I say train I mean lift weights)
    My rest days are usually dictated by my work schedule.
    That could mean I train 3 days straight then a day off then 2 more training days followed by another rest day, but its not set in stone.
    I was training as much as 6-7 days a week if I could, Only recently have I decided to rest at least two days a week to allow for more rest and growth.
    If you can get the desired results only training 2 days a week then I say stick with it.

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    Re: How many days a week do you lift weights when you hit the gym

    Depending on how good I feel, I would train 5 days at a stretch and rest 2 days, then continue with it the same way in the following week. Although, when I train for 5 days, I usually keep my drills light so as not to strain my muscles too much.



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