Though not a bodybuilder myself, most of my friends are. One day at a house party my friends told me about the ‘Grecian Ideal.’ Intrigued, I started researching on-line. Most calculators use wrist measurements to calculate the “ideal.” I felt it would be more accurate to go by height. Impressive muscles on a 5’2 guy would look pitiful on a 6’1 guy.

I started a little project. Using measurements from many famous classic bodybuilders (Eugine Sandow, Steve Reeves etc) I averaged out their body measurements as a percentage of their height. These are the results:

Neck, Biceps and Calves circumference: 24% of height
Chest circumference: 70% of height
Waist circumference: 43% of height
Thigh circumference: 36% of height

All my friends seem quite impressed with it. What do you think?

Note: NBC = Neck, Biceps and Calves
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