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    2018 Tampa Pro Results and Scorecards

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    Here are the results and scorecards for the 2018 Tampa Pro!
    2018 Tampa Pro Menís Bodybuilding Results

    Congrats to Alexis Rivera!We will see you at the 2018 2018 Mr. Olympia!
    Alexis Rivera
    Sergio Oliva, Jr.
    Maxx Charles
    Justin Luis Rodriguez
    Sergey Kulaev
    Rasheed Oldacre
    Brad Rowe
    Lucas Carroll
    An Nguyen
    Joel Thomas

    2018 Tampa Pro Womenís Bodybuilding Results
    Alina Popa
    Pauline Nelson
    LaDawn McDay
    Lisa Cross
    Kim Buck

    2018 Tampa Pro Fitness Results
    Jennifer Worth
    Jaclyn Baker
    Tiffany Chandler
    Giorgia Foroni
    Annaleis Varga

    2018 Tampa Pro Bikini Results
    Lauralie Chapados
    Jennifer Dorie
    India Paulino
    Alexa Detore
    Stacy McCloud

    2018 Tampa Pro Bikini Over 40 Results
    Eng-Suan Jarriel
    Colleen Garman
    Deon Haugen
    Bethany Bartlett
    Sherry Kubanyi

    2018 Tampa Pro Menís 212 Results

    Nicolas Vullioud
    Derik Oslan
    Oswaldo Gonzalez
    Kerrith Bajjo
    Fernando Noronha de Almeida
    Lloyd Dollar
    Michael Ergas
    Silvio Samuel
    Jean Carlos Alfaro
    Miguel Senior

    2018 Tampa Pro Classic Physique Results
    Henri Pierre Ano
    Keone Pearson
    Jason Lowe
    Damien Patrick
    Cleveland Thomas

    2018 Tampa Pro Menís Physique Results
    Logan Franklin
    Bader Almualim
    Greg Brant
    Khali Quartey
    Anthony Gilkes

    2018 Tampa Pro Figure Results
    Melissa Bumstead
    Natalia Soltero
    Michele Pinto
    Chelsea Larson

    2018 Tampa Pro Womenís Physique Results
    Autumn Swansen
    Evelaine Rocha
    Jeannie Feldman
    Katherine Hall
    Jodi Lyons

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    2018 Tampa Pro Scorecards

    2018 Tampa Pro Men's Bodybuilding Scorecard
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    2018 Tampa Pro Women's Bodybuilding Scorecard
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    2018 Tampa Pro Fitness Scorecard
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    2018 Tampa Pro Bikini Scorecard
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    Re: 2018 Tampa Pro Results and Scorecards

    2018 Tampa Pro Bikini Over 40 Scorecard
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    2018 Tampa Pro Men's 212 Scorecard
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    2018 Tampa Pro Classic Men's Physique Scorecard
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    2018 Tampa Pro Classic Men's Physique over 40 Scorecard
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    2018 Tampa Pro Men's Physique Scorecard
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    Re: 2018 Tampa Pro Results and Scorecards

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